Important Physical Activity for Infant Daycare

Important Physical Activity for Infant DaycareAs an infant daycare provider, we are responsible to provide proper activity to support infant development. One of our responsibilities is finding the right physical movement. In fact, infant from early birth up to 12 month cannot run and jump like toddler has. However, there are various activities to try. When parents going to work, it will be daycare responsibility to make sure that infant can reach their developmental stage. One thing that we should remember is that infant grow and change in a rapid level so we have to make an adjustment based on the developmental stage. The first type of activity for infant is the dependent activity. This is an activity that infant do by the help of us as daycare staff. It is called dependent activity because they cannot sit on their own. The kind of activities during this stage is put the infant lying on his back and let them play with their toys, kick their leg, look at their finger or even wave their hands. Those all are the beginning to train daycare infant with proper physical exercise for their developmental progress.

The physical activity also can be done while the daycare staff doing their routine job. For example, when changing the baby diaper then we can simply lift them by our hand and let them bounce up and down. The bouncing movement is a great ways to get a stronger muscle control. Another way to do is by put the infant in their stomach to give them space to practice lifting their head to strengthen their neck and back. Do not leave baby alone. Always supervise them when they are on their stomach. Just try to remember that only put the baby of our daycare on this position when they are alert and awake. Next type of infant physical activity in daycare is the independent activity. During 4 month since baby was born, they are often try to roll over from their back to front. We should let them doing this while keep supervise. When they are able to sit and crawl then we can provide such colorful toys with noisy sound. Baby usually likes this because it can be rattling, chew or even shake. Infant with 6 up to 8 month can be given a free space with less supervision so that they can practice with their limbs and any other independent movement. Infant around this age usually try to standing by themselves using daycare couch or tables. They are also love to play with chairs or bars of their crib bedding. Since baby start to be able to do some independent activity then daycare staff should let them try to feed themselves.

Next type of daycare physical activity for infant is the learning activity. Be sure that we are make sufficient eye contact and move around so that infant can follow us with their eye. This is a great activity to train infant eye coordination. We can also train baby eye with colorful toys. Try to make a noise with such toys like rattle and other near to baby head. This noise usually make baby of our daycare start to practice turning their head to follow the sound. We can give them a book with colorful image to make baby easier learning about the story when infant can sit down on their own. During the daycare activity, we are also can simply mention any daily object that commonly found to make children acquire new word on their memory easily. We can start with simple words like diape