How to Teach Daycare Children through Fun Shopping Time

How to Teach Daycare Children through Fun Shopping TimeDaycare learning should be fun. In fact, we cannot only teach children during boring time inside the classroom. We can simply find the idea to do the effective teaching as long as we know how to make it fun for them. Even shopping time can be a fun time to learn. Firstly, try to involve children in picking up or lift the goods. Remember to let them take it as long as they will not harm it. Not only simply let them lift it, we also can talk and describe what it is and its usage.  Even the package can be an effective tool to teach daycare children color recognition.

Teach daycare children to count the fruit or vegetables while put it inside the bag. It is not only useful to teach them about number but also their motor skills when grabbing it or moving it from one place to another.  When you are walking down the food aisle, try to make a color games by asking daycare children about the color of certain package, fruit or vegetables. Not only learn about color, we are also possible to teach them about size recognition.

Simply pick up two items that have different size like apple and mango. Let them compare which one is smaller or bigger. The concept of high and low is also possible to discuss by simply pointing on the package that put on different height. All that you need is simply using various goods in the aisle. Do not just stay quiet during the shopping time. Keep talking to daycare children to broaden their words vocabulary.

Ask daycare children to go with you on the cashier desk. Let them help you to put the goods while counting on it. When you are getting home, let children take the goods based on your instruction. It can be a great way to test their memory skill. Pay attention on how much item that they can find perfectly matched with your instruction. Involving children during the shopping time is a great way to support children self confidence. In fact, children always love to be involve and giving part to contribute.

This type of fun shopping time activity will need more time allocation since we need to go around the aisle longer than its need to simply picking up our needs.  The key of success will be sufficient level of patience and energy. What we need to do is just some continuous activity to make them easier to recognize and memorize. Set a routine schedule to make each learning concept get easier to reach by daycare children.