How to Teach Daycare Children about Nutrition Importance |

How to Teach Daycare Children about Nutrition Importance

How to Teach Daycare Children about Nutrition Importance

How to Teach Daycare Children about Nutrition Importance

Teaching children in our daycare about nutrition have to be held in a fun way. If we teach them conventionally then it will be resulting boredom. One of method to fun teaching nutrition to children is using visual and hands on activities. Keep the learning process stay fun to attract children attention. Here are several types of method that makes children easier to understand the importance of nutrition learning:

Use the alphabetical letter to teach daycare children about nutrition

We can simply find each alphabet with something that connects them to the nutritional importance. For example, when we talk about B, we can relate it with books. The book itself should be divided for those that have relationship with nutrition and health. There are a lot of books that can be used to teach nutritional intake for daycare children in fun way like “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr. Seuss or “Too Much Junk Food” by Jan Barenstein and Stan.  Just simply makes our own term of healthy nutrition of each alphabetical order. When it comes to the ‘O’ we can simply associate it with the opportunity to introduce children in our daycare to the kitchen world. Ask children help to prepare their meal. We can make it fun by letting them choose and mix the salad or fruit ingredients that we already slice. This way is much easier to make them understand the term of healthy nutrition.

Held cooking time with children of our daycare

Teach them how to choose and use healthy ingredient. Let them help us to prepare the menu for daycare meal. Take some easy recipe to make and let them in charge to make it under our supervision. Another example of nutritional awareness lesson is asking children of our daycare to make fujitas. Let them choose which ingredient that healthier between chicken strip and ground beef based on its fat content. The real application in the cooking time will make children easier to understand and remember each value that we teach.

Held a shopping time with children of your daycare

Le children take the list of ingredient that they need to buy. Walk through the aisle and choose the food product together so that we can explain to them while take a walk. For example, if you want to provide bread for children meal ten explain that wheat bread is better than the white bread. The same rules also applied to pasta. If the children used to drink soft drink then we can introduce them to much more nutritious drink in daycare like yoghurt, pasteurized milk and fresh vegetable and fruit juice.