How to Teach Art to Infant of Our Daycare

How to Teach Art to Infant of Our Daycare One of the daycare provider role is to provide proper learning. It means that we do not only need to provide basic knowledge such as color and number recognition but also art and craft. If we are dealing with toddler then it will be easier to think about what kind of art project that we can make. How about if our daycare dealing with infants? Actually, there are some kind of simple art project that we can do with an infant. The art project is important because it can be our media to encourage their exploration. Art activity also can develop their motor and coordination skill. The simplest art activity that we can do along with infant in our daycare is the watermark. To do this, we can simply put the baby on the floor. Of course we have to make sure that the floor has a flat surface to make the infant feel comfortable on this position. Take a paintbrush and grasp it. Let infant of our daycare controlling the brush strokes.

Put the brush into the water and guide them to brush it on a sheet of paper. Infant in our daycare will feel excited when doing this since they always love to do a new thing. We just need to be sure that we provide wide enough free space for infant of our daycare to control their brush movement. Put the brush in the water in a certain period to make sure that the brush will dry enough before put it again on a sheet of paper. Do the painting over and over again until we feel it is enough and satisfied with the result. When we are finished, let it dry naturally by hanging it on the air about 4 hours. When the painting is dry, we can put it in a frame and hang it in our daycare wall. If you want to create great result then it is better to dip the brush in the water for about 5 up to 10 second of the period. This certain time is needed to make sure that the paper already saturate with water and make us easier to make a design. Use light colored paper to make our dry marks seems clearly seen. Once more, never let infant play this by themselves. Always giving a proper supervision is needed when we are dealing with an infant in our daycare.