How to Serve Healthy Daycare Snack Supplies |

How to Serve Healthy Daycare Snack Supplies

How to Serve Healthy Daycare Snack Supplies

Daycare snack supplies are also important meal to provide for children under our daycare supervision.  Our responsibility is not only serving snacks that will love by children but absolutely healthy one. Choosing a healthy one will give basic knowledge to children about healthy food choice importance. When they are getting used to eat healthy food, they will set their own healthy kind of food in the future. It is even better if we set the healthy food consumption pattern from the early age. We should provide daycare snack supplies every day at least in the evening. For certain types of food like dairy product or peanut, we should check the package label carefully before serving it to children since there is allergy case risk. We can simply build good communication with child’s parents to find out what kind of food that commonly resulting allergic to the child to minimize the allergic reaction. Choking hazard is also another aspect to consider when choosing daycare snack supplies. Small items like grapes, peanut and other small food should not given to children under 3 years old.

Peanut is commonly bringing allergic reaction. That is why many health experts suggest to not give peanut as our daycare snack supplies for children under 2 years old. Cashew and walnuts also are better if given to older children than 2 years old. All of this has to be done to avoid any kind of peanut allergy that may happen.  Great idea if we can make a schedule for the meal including snacking time menu to children parents so that we can get their feedback and agreement. Just be sure that we are putting healthy snack on the list. Children should eat many kinds of food like fruit, vegetables and grain product. One thing that we should keep in mind is limiting the sugar and salt ingredient. We can try various daycare snack supplies like a cheese stick and cracker. For the cracker, we can try fish, graham or even a fish cracker. Fruit will be absolutely great next option. We can simply serve a fresh, canned or even dried one as our snack supplies. Fresh fruit that proper to give is banana and grapes while apricot and raisin will be a nice choice of dried fruit. Canned fruit like oranges, pear, peaches and mixed fruit is being next healthy daycare snack supplies.

There are also abundant option for our daycare snack supplies like rice cakes, mini bagel, granola bars and trail mix. One point to consider before we serve trail mix is that the allergic risk since it may result peanut allergy. That is why it is better to provide it for older children. The same rules also set for granola bars. Another healthy nutrition intake can be contained in many foods like beef sticks, mini muffin and beef sticks. Prepackaged sliced apples are also perfect for our daycare supplies. Pretzel also great choice.  Popcorn is a popular and lovely daycare snack supplies  for children. To add the flavor, we can simply add cheese, butter or caramel on popcorn. However, we should better consider again about the serving since it will be more suitable for older children to avoid any choking hazard. Dry cereal like cheerios and mini wheat is the next option for daycare supplies. Get bored with regular commercial food? We can simply make our own healthier option for our daycare snack supplies. Choose raw vegetables and cut it out to be a handy food is a great choice. We can simply use celery or carrots as our daycare snack menu. To make it more tasty adds some dipping like low fat yoghurt or apple sauce.

Being a child care provider is absolutely needed hard work since we are taking responsibilities from the child’s parents to our own children about health and wealth. One thing that we should do on a regular basis as a child care provider is choosing a healthy daycare snack supply. Pickles can be our next choice. If we want to avoid children boredom and attract their attention to our snack supplies menu, we can make some creative ideas on snacking time. Make a jello jigler with various popular shape or themed shape will be great beginning. To add the important nutrition for children development, we can simply add fresh fruit into the jello. Cut raw vegetables and add some dipping from cheese, yoghurt or peanut butter will be great changing on daycare snack supplies. The tortilla will also be a great option is we can add cheese cream and ham on it. Just simply roll it up and cut into a child’s size to make them easier to eat. Cracker is common to serve but yoghurt dipping sauce will be lovely daycare snack supplies for children. Crispy bagel is lovely for daycare snack but we can make it more interesting for children by baked it until the color is golden brown and give it with mixed sugar, melted butter and cinnamon. The taste will be delicious and children will only have yummy words for our daycare snack supplies.