How to Reduce Your Daycare Supplies Expense |

How to Reduce Your Daycare Supplies Expense

How to Reduce Your Daycare Daily Expense

How to Reduce Your Daycare Daily Expense

Daycare expense seems like daunting task. There are so many types of supplies and another needs that we need to fulfilled to keep running a daycare. In fact, not all of us are being blessed with abundant money. Many of daycare owner have to face budget limitation. The burden becomes heavier when the economy condition is weaker globally. Basic items that we need in daily basis like food, gasoline, paper goods and many else get arise. It makes the problem get bigger for daycare. However, there is no problem that cannot be solved. We just need to find the exact solution to overcome it. Here are some steps that you can try to reduce your daycare daily budget:

Evaluating your daycare menu

The budget of food can be one of the biggest expenses. You can try to reduce your daycare expense through some re-planning our menu. You can try to look for less expensive menu. It does not mean that we will change the menu into a cheaper and unhealthy menu list. You still can provide healthy and nutritious food but in lower price. You just need to find out where to buy. Consider local market that sells fresh fruit, vegetables and other food ingredient. Choose the fruit and veggies that are in season to get abundant stock in cheaper price and try to make various menus from it. If you have backyard or some free space in our daycare then you can start to plant some kind of fruit and vegetable that you can cook later. You may also possible to save the money from wise decision in food container purchase. If you are commonly buy individual serving size of container then you can start to turn into large economy size containers to save your fruit or snack.

Buy your stored food in bulk at warehouse superstores.

If you usually need to serve cereal or some canned and stored food ingredient then you better buy in bulk. Buying in bulk can save your daycare expense since it can make you possible to get lower cost. Try to buy in grocery stores because they often provide great price and discount for a big purchase. Look for store that offer sales and try to make menu list based on that discounted items.

Try to maximize the usage of your daycare food ingredient.

Have you ever seen some kind of cooking challenge or chef advice that you better minimize your trash or throw out the food ingredient? You can apply this system in your daycare. At first, it must be hard because we need to think again what we can do with such limited ingredient. The key is keep try hard to provide healthy and balance nutritious food for your daycare children. However, make your own homemade cooking will be healthier and cheaper price than serving premade food or fast food.

Be wise with your daycare cleaning supplies items

One of your biggest mistakes is maybe resulting from small thing that you do not recognize. Have you ever carefully look at your cleaning expense? Most of daycare buys special cleaning supplies just for a single type of job. If this is one of your behaviors then you better stop it. Turn into purchasing multipurpose daycare cleaning supplies. Buy it in a bulk to get cheaper price. You can try baking soda and vinegar because these two items is useful for cleaning work.

Ask parent involvement to provide daycare supplies

One of better solution to overcome budget limitation problem is by asking for parent involvement. We can ask politely to parent so that they can bring some daycare basic supplies in the beginning of each semester. Just try to honestly explain the daycare condition and tell them that it will help both of daycare and parent. Parents can get involved and they do not to pay much more money for daycare. Make a list of basic supplies that parent can help to provide. You can ask parent to bring a bottle of cleaner, a roll of paper towel, basic art supplies, a box of tissue, a box of marker or pen and other basic children supplies. Those items will not resulting big burden for parent but this way can help both sides.

Wisely minimize the energy consumption.

You may not realize that you waste a lot of your money in energy consumption. Try to change this habit to decrease your daycare expense. Try with a simple thing like turning off the light as soon as possible when everyone leaves daycare room. Fix out any leakage and turn down the thermostat in the weekend or evening.

As the conclusion, it is not that bad and hard to find perfect ways to reduce your daycare expense. You just need to wisely control your expense and make a list of new less expensive menu through homemade menu in your daycare. Be responsible, be wise and smart.