How to Reduce Your Children Habit Stay in Front of Television |

How to Reduce Your Children Habit Stay in Front of Television

How to Reduce Your Children Habit Stay in Front of Television

How to Reduce Your Children Habit Stay in Front of Television

Children habit will also highly depend on our guidance and support. Weekend should be the time for children to go out and have some outdoor activity. For example, you can suggest them to play football, basketball, skate board or other. Watching them play football and running around must be a kind of activity to prevent boredom and have fun outside. Unluckily, it seems not that fun since many children tend to get difficult to go out from home. It is a sign that children habit is already changes.

The changes of children habit is simply because children tend to enjoy their time on screen. It is used to be the time where children can enjoy their leisure to watch their surround, have fun in nature and exercising their muscle. It is our responsibility to bring back this great habit instead of letting children stay at home. Staying at home and spend their leisure time in front of screen also has another negative impact. This children habit is increasing their risk to get obesity problem.

According to statistic count, the obesity level in children becomes doubled in last ten years. Not only obesity, the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes is also increase. This increasing level is heavily affected by children habit and exposing of television, computer, video games, music and mobile devices. Most of you may get shocked if you know that children is even possible to spend 7 or more hours at home just watching television, playing computer, video games or other. This unhealthy children habit should increase our awareness.

You can start to set a strict time rules for children to overcome this bad children habit problem. Set exact period of how many times your children are allowed to spend their time in front of screens. It may not be easy at first or even creating a debate. However, we have to set it strictly so that children can realize what they should do and choose good type children habit. Furthermore, it is also for children sake in the future. Just try to ask them to go out in some interesting place like park, woods, museum or playground.

If you still do not have an ideas to change their bad habit into a positive children habit then you can try the following ideas:

If possible, you can bring the physical exercise tools into your home. You can simply purchase trampoline or playground so that we can encourage children to do a positive children habit on their leisure time instead of just staying in front of screen. Suggest children to join extra sport at school are also great advice. There are various activities to join like football, swimming, judo and others to build great children build.

Another great idea to change children habit in front of screen is even can be achieved through a simple family walk. Get your dog to go along and get some fun together. Bike rides is also a great activity to do. Do not forget to packed dup snack and drinks to accompany your journey. Scavenger, treasure hunt is also great option to change on screen children habit if you have large enough backyard or park. It does not need to go far away or spend much money. Just try to get involve to help children find out the fun outside their bad children habit.

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