How to Reduce The Budget for Preschool Teacher Supplies |

How to Reduce The Budget for Preschool Teacher Supplies

How to Reduce The Budget for Preschool Teacher Supplies

How to Reduce The Budget for Preschool Teacher Supplies

Teacher supplies seems to be endless source of expense. It can be seen from many educational stock like paper, pen, pencil, color, paints and many other that need to be provided. We can not deny the need of preparing all of this things for the children under our supervision. It is simply because children need something to maintain their attention. For preschool, proper teacher supplies are important to support the children playing and learning time. However, we have to be clever to choose which kind of teaching supplies that perfect to help us stimulate children basic skills. Unluckily, teacher have limitation to provide the needed supplies. They have certain budget that makes them can not always provide the needed supplies. It will be good if there is another way so that they can maintain teacher supplies without confused with the excessive budget. That is why we can try the following things to reduce the expense of supply for teaching method.

1.      Try to ask for donation

Donation is the simplest method that we can use to provide the teacher supplies when we have problem with the budget. We may ask from student parents for donation. Just try to simply make a letter that asking for donation. Do not forget to make such description detail of the activities plan and the whole cost needed. Because of this cost consideration, we need the parent support to provide the activities supplies that can not be provided by the preschool. We may ask for common teacher supplies like glue for sticking activities, colors or paint for drawing and painting lesson. Beside that, we can do more educational activities by asking the parents to provide some unused material to be remake as something useful. If we are involving the students parents to help us with providing school supplies then our job to maintain teacher supplies will be easier to do.

2.      We can save and use the teacher supplies from donation later.

We can not asking for donation all the time. That is why it will be wiser if we can save all the material that we gained from the donation. It is simply because we will need to use it again in the future. Parents or anyone will not be happy if they have to donate many times. So keep the teacher supplies like pencil, colors, paint, glue stick and anything that we can find. We also can gathered the rest supplies for teachers from another teacher. If we can store it properly then automatically we will reduce the expense. We do not need to buy a new one and do not need to ask for donation again because we already keep as much as possible of teacher supplies that we can find.

3.      Browse to find some sites that offer donation for teacher supplies

Asking from donation from site may not as easier as asking from our student parents. It is simply because we are dealing with people that we do not know before so it will be a little bit difficult for them to directly decide to help us without any given information. We have to give them the detail about our preschool condition, our goal to gain the donation and any kind of trusted and reasonable reason so that they can believe us and finally willing to help us by donation. Informed them about those donation of teacher supplies usage. Make it clear that we asking for donation to support the learning process since we will need it for the educational supplies.

4.      Make a business proposal to large school

Our preschool may not as big as many school in town or nearby. However, we still need to provide the teacher supplies that are needed by the children. To overcome it, we can try to make a business proposal for large school. Do not forget to give a brief detail of our purpose of the donation. Stated also about their role to support our learning process can be achieved through donating the teacher supplies. Large school usually have a great foundation behind and this foundation may have many effort to help us. We can ask their help on this because they have the same mission in educating children.

So basically, we may try to find any store or sites that offer discount if buy in a bulk or certain event. However, sometimes we have to face the budget and realize that we can not provide the teacher supplies to support the student learning stage. This is the time when we should ask for donation. In the same time, we also need to be a good storekeeper and keep all the need material start form the basic one up to the craft to make sure that we still have teacher supplies to be use in the future.