How to Make Simple and Cheap Angel Ornament for Daycare Christmas Decoration

How to Make Simple and Cheap Angel Ornament for Daycare Christmas DecorationCreating daycare Christmas decoration with children will resulting so much fun beside more personal involvement. Just be sure that the ornament is easy enough to make even by children themselves. Decorating the Christmas tree or daycare room with Christmas ornament will spread the spirit of Christmas. If you still thinking that it will make you spend a lot of money then you better turn your mind by checking the material list and also the making process. Daycare Christmas decoration project can be simply done without getting you broke.

Firstly, you will need to prepare some material like hot glue gun, toothpick, white thread, ribbon with gold color and 3 white basket type of coffee filters for  this daycare Christmas decoration. Do not forget to also prepare an inch of polystyrene ball and 3, 5 inch polystyrene cone. So let’s move on into the making process of angel daycare Christmas ornament. Place the polystyrene cone on such lat surface and put an upside down filter on the cone. Take the toothpick and stick it through the filter and the cone. Be sure that you create half of it stay sticking up. Next, place the polystyrene ball on the top of toothpick that sticking up.

Take one more coffee filter in upside down position and tie the gold ribbon around the ball bottom. The tie of ribbon will make it similar with angel’s head. Let’s continue the process of making daycare Christmas decoration by folding the third filter in half and gather the center part together. Next, tie the thread around it and glue it to the back part of the angel. The filter here will reflect the angel’s wings. Glue gold ring to the top of the ball. If you do not have gold ring, you can use gold pipe cleaner. That’s it, your daycare Christmas decoration is ready!