How to Make Our Own Preschool Daycare Nap Supplies Part 2

How to Make Our Own Preschool Daycare Nap Supplies Part 2The last step to be done in this time is the finishing of our homemade daycare nap supplies. To finish our preschool nap supplies we can cut the twill tape with 2 inches longer than the size of our mat wide. Pin the twill in the outside top edge of the mat. For the sewing process of the twill tape we can start with sew near one side of the twill from the edge to the center of the preschool mat. Sew across the twill tape with 3 inches from the center area of our daycare supplies and sew it back to the edge of our own homemade daycare nap supplies. Repeat the process again in the end of the tape to make carrying handle of our homemade day care nap supply. After that cut 2 double fold quilt with 7 inches more than the nap mat length. Put the mat inside area facing up on a flat surface. Unfold the quilt bind so that it can be 1 inch from the bottom of the mat and 6 inches from the top area. After that pin it up. Sew the quilt binding along each side of the fold binding since the additional blanket only attached on the left side of daycare nap supplies.

Fold the quilt outside of our daycare nap supplies while take an inch around the bottom area. After that put a pin in it. Stitch the bind suitable with the mat fully lenght. Sew the folded edge through machine or by hand.  The quilt bind seem to extend around half inch of the upper side of the mat. Match each open end and pin. Stitch each pinned open end to make nice strap. Prepare for the hook and loop tape this time. Sew the loop tape inside the straps on the top of the mat. After that, lay our daycare nap supplies with the inside are facing up. Fold half of our additional blanket and roll the nap mat from the inside of the bottom. Lay the straps at the top of rolled edge of daycare nap mat and give a mark on it. This mark will make us easier to find the perfect location for the hook and loop tape. Unroll our daycare nap supplies and sew the loop of the hook. Put the loop tape in its place as a mark. In the end, roll the nap mats up and then put the straps to make our daycare nap supplies secure enough.

Our effort to make a homemade daycare nap supplies is finish. We can have nap supplies that perfectly matches with children needs. We do need even buy regular mat in the market because we can create a barely new one that have shape, color and design like what we want. Provide the proper furniture and supplies for the rest hour is important if we want to smoothly run our daycare business. Providing proper daycare nap supplies will make us easier to help children following their rest hour routine. As additional function, we can buy some removable cover to protect the mat from wet or soiled. To make it nicer, we can buy a pillow with kid size. Try to find out the attractive pillow to make children more interested with it. We can buy some cartoon character pillow or various  attractive color to make them feel comfort while staying in their daycare nap supplies. If we want to move the daycare nap supplies to another place then we can simply put the pillow inside and roll the nap.