How to Make Our Own Preschool Daycare Nap Supplies Part 1 |

How to Make Our Own Preschool Daycare Nap Supplies Part 1

How to Make Our Own Preschool Daycare Nap Supplies Part 2

 How to Make Our Own Preschool Daycare Nap Supplies Part 2

Daycare nap supplies is one of most important supplies to provide in a day care. To make sure that we can have such daycare supplies matched with our needs then we can make it on our own. We can choose the material design and the color that we like if we make it by our own. We will just need a few hours to make this affordable and perfectly matched nap mat. Choose the material in general size of preschool nap. The size is about 20 inches by 50 inches. We are also possible to make it larger into 27 inches by 56 inches. For the fabric, we can choose between cotton print or flannel. Find out the material that have interesting color or character for our daycare nap supplies. Using this material will make the children under our supervision feel interested. Finally, it will make our job more easier to make them sleeping during the routine rest hour. In addition, lightweight blanket also possible to be attached in the daycare nap supplies mats to add the warm feeling.

The making process of daycare nap supplies will consist of several steps. The beginning of the process will be measure the exact size of our daycare nap. Take the measurement carefully so that it will fit with the children. Make sure that the mat measurement will provide enough room for children movement when they fall asleep in our daycare nap supplies. After that, start to cut the fabric and batting according to the width and length measurement. Do not forget to add and additional inch for the hem. After cut the batting, we can put our designed nap mats in large and flat surface. Put the outside of fabric to face the batting and then pin the three layer together t make our daycare supplies for nap time. When it is already pinned then we can start to sew it with a half inch seam. Turn the right side of the fabric with batting positioned in the center. Give pressure to the fold of the seams and stitch across each end of the fabric. Be sure that we give half inch wide before stitch each end of our daycare nap supplies.

If we want to add warm for the kid then we can add some kind of additional blanket to our homemade daycare nap supplies. The weather can be so cold during the winter time. That is why adding some additional blanket will help us to make sure that children in our day care will stay warm and comfort. Buy and prepare the fleece. Cut the fleece by 18 inches shorter from the real length and twice from the exact wide of the nap. Sometimes the sew will be stretch if sew it exactly in the end of each side. That is why it will be better to make the sew 1 inch from the real edge of our homemade daycare nap supplies.  To add the blanket, we can start with place the nap mat with inside area face the flat surface. Put the side of fleece with the left side of the mat  and make it alignment of it. Be sure that the bottom edge of fleece putted around 3 inches above the bottom area of our daycare mat. When we are finish to do this, we can start to pin the blanket into four side of the mat furniture. Do not forget to give some extra wide from the very edge of our daycare nap supplies around  half inch from the real edge to make sure there will be no stitch happen.