How to Make Our Own Homemade Alphabet Book for Daycare Learning |

How to Make Our Own Homemade Alphabet Book for Daycare Learning

How to Make Our Own Homemade Alphabet Book for Daycare Learning

How to Make Our Own Homemade Alphabet Book for Daycare Learning

Daycare is the place where children can enjoy and also have fun while learning many new things. It is a part of daycare job to increase child development of basic academic skills. One of academic skills that children must learn is reading skills. To make children feel more enthusiasm to read, we can ask them to make alphabet book together with us. This method is also great to save some money since we can make daycare learning tools of our own. Children are also feels more interesting to learn with something that they have made by themselves. First, we need to provide some needed material before making our own homemade reading book:


In this case, we will need 26 pieces of paper. Each paper will contain a single alphabet. We can use the colored paper, construction or even scrap to make this homemade daycare reading book.


Hole punch

Crayon or marker

Glue stick

Sticker, photo or magazine

When we are finish the preparation then we can start to use the staple or hole punch to bind the entire 26 paper pages. Write down the alphabet in each page of paper. Be sure that we write down a big letter on each page to make daycare children get easier to recognize and read the alphabet. Ask children to find the picture or photo of image that related with the alphabet and cut it. Another way to make children of our daycare stay involve is let them draw a picture of an object that connected with the alphabet in each page. We can simply find as much as picture, drawing or stickers to be put on the pages. What we need to do is just be sure that the picture, drawing or stickers is beginning with the same beginning alphabet. Interesting book cover is needed to make children feel more enjoy learning the book. Involve children of our daycare to make the cover.

All of the suggestion steps above will guide you to create such alphabetical book that is personalized and interesting. When we finish making it, we can use it in daily basis. Read it together, say the letter and sounding it. We can make this book more interesting by held some alphabetical games. When we already learn the book for several times then we can move forward to memory game. Open up the pages randomly. Cover up the alphabet with your hand and ask children of your daycare to guess the letter based on its picture, drawing or stickers on the pages. If we are dealing with smaller children then we can sound the picture names and let them listen and them make a guest. This activity to make our own homemade alphabet book can boost children brain. Cut the picture, write down the letter, use glue stick is great to build children of your daycare fine motor skills. Not only that, daycare children also possible to make the letter and sound connection by hearing the sound of each alphabet and recognizing the letter.

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