How to Make Our Own Daycare Nap Supplies Cover |

How to Make Our Own Daycare Nap Supplies Cover

How to Make Our Own Daycare Nap Supplies Cover

How to Make Our Own Daycare Nap Supplies Cover

Daycare nap supplies need to be provides since it is a crucial role in children rest hour. Unluckily, not all of us have sufficient budget to provide all needed things dealing with the nap. One thing that may helpful reduce the cost is by making it on our own. We can try to make our own nap cover. Firstly, we need to prepare the material for the process. Those are nap mat, pin and full size sheet. When we are finishing to prepare those 3 things for making this daycare nap supplies then we can start to construct the cover for our nap mats. Lay the full size sheet flat. Do not forget to turn it down so that the right side of the fabric material will be facing the floor. Remember to make the fabric stay smooth by removing all the wrinkles.

The next step of making the daycare nap cover is making a folding. Fold the fabric sheet into a half and bring the long section together. Put the daycare nap supplies like mat inside it. The position on the mat must be the long edge is all the way up. Be sure that it will against the fold of the fabric. Make a perimeter of the mat with the pins that we already prepared before. For the pin, be sure to choose the straight one. Put the pin on the edges of the mat. Make a parallel stitch of a pin. Do the same thing on the short side and long side of the fabric. Be sure that the pins are strongly attached otherwise we will difficult to make this daycare nap supplies for our day care.

Cut the excessive fabric that is not included in the perimeter. We can use a scissor to do it. Be sure that we have at least 6 to 8 inches of fabric for the seam. After getting the sufficient wide for the seam then we can remove the mat.  The next step of making this kind of daycare nap supplies is starting to use the sewing machine. Make a stitch and be sure that it is the strong one. Make the stitch go along all the pinned lines. However, the important thing to do when making this daycare nap supplies removes all of the pins when we sew the fabric material.

When we are sewing this daycare supplies, do not forget to make a stronger stitch in the side corner. We can use the reverse stitch type on the machine to make stronger stitch. When we are finished with the sewing process then it is the time for us to covering the mat. Turn the right side out and put the mat inside of it. For the closure of this daycare nap supplies we can use many ways. We may use zipper, button or Velcro style. However, Velcro will be better for kid since it is safer that zipper. We know that children are full of curiosity. Zipper usage for daycare nap supplies still carrying the risk of skin injury.

Use the Velcro closure and apply it to either side of the opening.  The cover for our daycare nap supplies is finished. If we want to make it in our preschool or other daycare room then we have to be really sure that we have enough space to do it. This process requires large space since we have to deal with flattening the fabric on the floor make a measurement and cutting. It will be difficult for us to make our desired daycare nap supplies like this cover if we do not have enough room or where many toys or children around. Be sure that there is no furniture that will be a barrier when we need to flatten the fabric.

We do not need to buy a new cover since we can choose many kinds of fabric as our cover. We can choose the fabric that has various interesting design, color and character that will be attracted child’s attention. Do not forget the main thing is choosing the fabric of daycare nap supplies including a cover that will make children feel comfort when using it. As a daycare provider, it is our job to provide all the supplies that the children in our supervision needs. If we deal with limited budgets than it will depend on our creativity to create the one that less budget but still comfortable and catchy enough for children daycare nap supplies.