How to Make New Children Get Comfort in Your Daycare

How to Make New Children Get Comfort in Your DaycareDaycare obstacle is often happen when receiving new children. It is not easy to make new children feel enjoy, get comfort and involved in daily activity as the other. It is mainly because each new comer will need some time to get use with new environment and new people that they never meet. Since the era is changing, daycare is not only taking role baby sit but also teaching children and make sure that they can reach their development properly. We have to know how to make them comfort before teach them.

Offer visiting tour

Offer a visiting tour for parent and new children of your daycare. Let parent accompany children at their first day. Encourage children to meet with all teachers, staff and their peer. Knowing the environment, teacher and friend will reduce the children stress and make them more enjoy spending their day in daycare.

Try to build open up communication

It is important to build great communication with new children in your daycare. Let them talk about the entire thing that makes them worry. Explain that they will get fun and enjoyable moment in daycare along with other peer. It will automatically decrease their stress, worry and anxiety by playing with other children that is already being the member of daycare.

Being a friend of new children on their first day

First day is a tough moment for new children. It is a part of daycare responsibility to make them feel comfort. Their comfort will make your job to teach, assist and support will be much easier. During the first day, you better help new children in your daycare to keep all of their belonging and be sure that they get all they need before you leave them alone.

Ask about their first day experience in the end of their first day

Talk about how is their day in daycare. Ask about the activity completion and relation with peer. This will give you a lot of information about what you should do next and how is their feeling so far about your daycare.

Make games or activity based on group

Involving new children in a group activity will make new daycare children get along with peer. It will provide sufficient time for them to communicate, cooperate and have fun with their peer. It will automatically decrease their anxiety and worry. Finally, they will their comfort zone in daycare.