How to Make Daycare Musical Instrument on Our Own part 1 |

How to Make Daycare Musical Instrument on Our Own part 1

How to Make Daycare Musical Instrument on Our Own part 1

How to Make Daycare Musical Instrument on Our Own part 1

Providing proper equipment and toys to support child development is important for a daycare. Unfortunately, not all of us can afford to buy the needed toys and equipment. If the budget limitation is our main problem, we can start to make it on our own. One of example of toys that we can make it on our own is the homemade musical instrument. Here are several ideas to try to make a homemade instrument for our daycare:

–          Pie plate used to make a tambourine

Get a foil pie pan and 6 up to 8 of flattened bottle caps. Create a small hole on each of bottle caps and 6 up to 8 holes around the pie pan edge. Thread the string through the pie plate holes and bottle of caps. Tie up the string to create sufficient space for the bottle caps to move and hit the pie pan. Just simply shake it to make a sound. Children of our daycare will absolutely like it.

–          Coffee can to make a drum.

Provide a large size of a coffee can to make our own daycare homemade drum.  Wash the can cleanly and sand down any sharp edge of the can that we can find. Prepare a construction paper that fit with the can. Let the children of our daycare to involve by making their favorite decorating style of the paper. Put the paper in the outside area of the can. We can simply glue the paper or even put a tape on it. Provide waxed paper with 2 inches larger that the opening to cover up the can. Secure the waxed paper with some large rubber. Use the rubber band to make it strict and strong. Do not forget to remind the children in our daycare to play this drum gently to make it stay longer.

–          Tambourine of pie plate and beans

Prepare 2 pie plates that made from aluminum material. Decorate the bottom of the plate with any kind of style that we want. Take a handful of beans and put it in a pie plate. Put another plate face down the first plate. Staple the pie plates to attach it. Another way to attach it is by make a hole with a paper punch and takes a yarn or ribbon through the hole to tie each other. We are also possible to add ribbon streamers if we want. This is one our daycare children favorite because of the noisy sounds that resulting from it.

–          Guitar from tissue box

The kind of box that we will need to make a guitar is a long tissue box with oval shape in the center on the top of boxes. Put several rubber bands around the top of the tissue box. Do not forget to cover up the hole. Put a pencil under the rubber band in one side and take paper towel tube to other side which is opposite with the pencil. Our guitar from tissue box is ready and we just need decorate it as we like and hand to the children of our daycare to play.

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