How to Maintain Children Safety with Our Daycare Supplies |

How to Maintain Children Safety with Our Daycare Supplies

How to Maintain Children Safety with Our Daycare Supplies

How to Maintain Children Safety with Our Daycare Supplies

As daycare provider, it is our job to make sure that children get all of daycare supplies that they need. Not only that, we are also responsible to maintain their safety while using the supplies. Actually, there are a lot of factors that may result unsafe daycare condition. There are over capacity and unskilled staff. However, as provider we are taking the responsibility for children under our supervision. To be sure that there will be no dangerous hazard to children then we can take a look at several things below before purchase any daycare supplies:

-Inside daycare area

On the inside , there are two things that we should check continuously. There are the hygiene and hazard aspects. Be sure that we provide sufficient daycare supplies for instance the bathroom cleaner or even the floor cleaner. It is essential for parents will notice on the hygiene of our child care. Do not forget about the mattress or rug. Babies and toddler commonly spend most of their time on it so we have to clean it at least weekly. Daycare supplies for security needs will also be an important thing to be prepared. We should provide electrical coverage to avoid any accident. Make sure everything locked so that children will can not enter any places alone.

The daycare supplies that have cabinet or drawer like kitchen or table should safety latches. Be sure that it is locked too so that children cannot easily open and close it by themselves. We know that children full of curiosity. We do not want their hand get caught in the cabinet drawer or even reach some potentially dangerous daycare supplies like scissors or clip. This is the thing that we have to put attention on it firstly if we want to create safe day care.

–         Outside daycare area

The next area of daycare that should be check to maintain children secure is the outside area. We cannot simply put children inside for the whole day. That is why playing outside is needed to make children develop their skills and maintain their health. We have to provide security daycare supplies like a fence. If possible, we can provide play surfaces to make sure that children will not get hurt when they are playing outside and in some cases love to roll or fallen. It is important for preschool for children in this age have tons of energy and love to play around. It has also been better if we check the playground by ourselves. Be sure that all the equipment is fulfilled the safety standard like well attached of steps, bars and it is a sturdy and firm one to hold children weight. If we are also providing additional daycare supplies for outside playtime like sand box then we are better to cover it up when it is not used otherwise cat will put their litter on it.

–         Emergency daycare supplies

This is also an important daycare supplies to provide since there is always be possibilities for an accident to happen in our daycare. Put the first aid kit and CPR method skill on the first list. If we have already prepared all the needed medicine and well skilled staff then we can minimize the security risk of the children.

–         Toys

Children will love toys. That is why we commonly provide many kinds of this daycare supplies. As providers, we should responsible to pick up the right toys for them. We can show that we care by choosing the safe toys. For infant and toddler, soft and light toys will be great as a choice since it will not make children hurt and safe for their ‘chewy’ habit. Beside that, be sure that we choose the daycare supplies toys that do not have sharp edges or many small details to avoid injury and choking hazard.

–         Furniture

The last type of daycare supplies that we should check is the furniture. Since we are dealing with children then we should not only think about the function but also the safety. Get furniture product that has complete things. Find inventory that proper with our children age, do not have sharp edge easier for children to reach.

Try to consider about all suggestion above to have a complete function and safe daycare supplies.