How to Keep Daycare Children Meal Box Stay Healthy |

How to Keep Daycare Children Meal Box Stay Healthy

How to Keep Daycare Children Meal Box Stay Healthy

Believe it or not, even daycare children meal box is not as clean as we think. It can be a great place where bacteria that resulting flu and cold developed. Need to know how to prevent bacteria spreading in meal box? Get the detail advice as follow:

How to Keep Daycare Children Meal Box Stay Healthy

Wash it regularly

At least, you will need to wash the meal box once per week to make sure that there is no germ or bacteria developed there. You may also apply disinfecting wipes to such nonporous surfaces like meal box.

Do not preparing lunch while washing

Sometimes, we do not aware of what are we doing. We called it as multitask but it seems to provide chance for unhealthy material to spread. Even if you want to prepare the meal after laundry then you really need to wash your hand.

Teach daycare children about hygiene importance

You better also educate children to keep their hygiene before taking the meal. Do not forget to ask them using soap and water. If you want to provide more protection then you better choose anti-bacterial soap. Even scientific studies already find out that people who wash hand 7 times in a day have less risk to catch a cold.

Prepare juice box properly

Do not let children share the juice boxes. It is better to pack two juice boxes. By doing this, you can help children to stay healthier during cold and flu season. Flu season itself usually coming on November through March while cold season is during September until March.

Cut the snack and sandwiched properly

You may teach daycare children to share but food is something different. You better cut it up in proper size especially during the cold and flu season.

Provide healthy meal menu

In fact, children that consuming lack of calorie and nutrient will have weaker immune level. It makes them easily to catch by cold and flu. Need more suggestion about healthy menu? Just try to prepare balance vegetable, fruit with peanut butter, turkey sandwiches or jelly. Avoid giving them sweets, crackers, chips or processed lunch meat that full of fat.

How to Keep Daycare Children Meal Box Stay Healthy

Wash the eating area properly

Sometimes, children eat at their desk. If this is the case then you will need to wipe it properly to get rid of the germ.

Take functional tissue

Try the virucidal tissue to prevent the spreading of viruses around your house. When children cough or sneeze, ask them to cover up their mouth or nose. When finish to use the tissue, let them throw it away.

Prepare the meal in lean surfaces

Believe it or not, any cracks and crevices in our cutting board can be a perfect place for bacteria growth. Try to remember not cutting up the chicken and salad in the same cutting board without disinfecting it. The better option is using different cutting board to make salad and raw meat.