How to Increase Children Writing Habit |

How to Increase Children Writing Habit

How to Increase Children Writing Habit

How to Increase Children Writing Habit

Nowadays, children writing habit is continue to be decrease. This condition itself cannot be separated from the difference of learning method that applied. Previously, children will get used to write down all of their teacher explanation or making homework. Since the technological development get higher, children is not get used to write down a note or doing homework by their own handwriting.

Everything seems to be easier. No need to spend a lot of time to take a note or have ache in your hand to do a lot of homework since you can use the recording, tab, laptop and other technological device. Memorizing is not identical with hand writing anymore. Projector and power point program change the lesson method. No more need to write since you can simply copy the file.

Actually, there is nothing wrong with this. However, when children has less time to write down in a paper to express their idea then they may have decreasing desire to speak up their creativity. The digital era is make children work get easier but it also has its own negative effect. Children get used to underestimate their work and job because it can be done in easy way.

It is undeniable fact that writing job has an effect toward children. Writing can increase the memory and improving the grammar. Get used to writing makes children being able to explain their opinion in a detailed, structured and easier to understand. That is why children writing habit need to be trained and exercise for their own better development.

Writing is a kind of brain game. Through teaching children to do hand writing, they can recognize their potential in certain topic or case and dig out the things that buried under our unconscious mind. Writing will make children to have deeper understanding on a subject lesson even it is complicated. Besides that, it is also can minimize the plagiarism in educational world. Children writing habit can make children understand the basic of their knowledge.

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