How to Improve Daycare Communication with Parents |

How to Improve Daycare Communication with Parents

How to Improve Daycare Communication with Parents

How to Improve Daycare Communication with Parents

Daycare job is not only finished when we are already set proper type of activity, great nutritious food and safe place. We also need to maintain our communication with parents. In fact, most of us only focused on making the children feel enjoy spending their day in daycare, cleaning all the place, lesson method and safety. Only a few of us that are remembering the importance of communication effect in running daycare business. The communication here means anything that can make us get closer connections with daycare parent. Be sure that we can keep in touch with parents so that we can stay get their support to provide the best for children under our responsibility. Keep informed parent about their children’s activity in our daycare will be great ways to maintain our great communication and cooperation. Parent need to know what their children’s activities area. Busy job often makes parent get difficult to get in touch with daycare teacher. The teacher is also busy to handle many children. So, how to communicate with daycare parent? The point is to make daycare parents feel comfortable with our presence and feel free to communicate with us.

 Here are several ways to help us:

Make a parent handbook

Be sure to make a detailed handbook for parents. Explain the detail and answer all parents questions. On the contrary, you also need to ask several questions to parent as well. Write down your policy and clear contract between parent and daycare provider. This is the right media to avoid any misconception and miscommunication.

Bulletin board

This type of bulletin should be made in weekly basis. Include the menu, lesson plan, children’s artwork and daycare supplies needed. This is the perfect media where you can stay informed parent of their children’s activity and the progress.


This is another media where you can keep informed daycare parent about children’s activity, a picture of some artwork, special event or many more.

Progress report

Make a progress report of each child to inform parents about their child’s progress. Get proper discussion with parent about their children and explain what need to do as preparation for the next activity.

Open door policy

The best way to run a successful daycare is building great communication with daycare children. Let parents know that you are welcome them anytime so they can come and visit their children anytime.  Open up so that parent will also feel open up to communicate and inform any detail to you.


The internet is another effective media where you can stay informed daycare parent about their child’s progress. Make sure that you update the activity, schedule or any changes regularly to make parent stay informed.


It is another way to measure daycare parent satisfaction toward our work. It can make parent feel involved in their child’s progress achievement. It means that both daycare and parents can be cooperating to provide the best for children. Pick up the suggestion that promote your daycare business and boost your improvement.

Held some party

Make a party on holiday or certain time where parent can attend and socialize with you casually. Sometimes, it can be such informal ways to build stronger relationship and communication with daycare parent. This is the right time to get to know each other personally.

Ask for parent volunteering participation

Tell daycare parents that they can come to visit and involve into daycare activity. This is the best way to reveal how their children learning progress level condition. Parents also can see the real routine activity and feel more trusted to your daycare since they also possible to get involve.

Make an announcement for every change that may happen

Be sure that you always inform daycare parent, no matter condition that happen whether you are on vacation, move out or other case. Nobody feels happy when they do not know what happen and what to do without any single information.

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