How to Handle Shy Children in Our Daycare |

How to Handle Shy Children in Our Daycare

How to Handle Shy Children in Our Daycare

How to Handle Shy Children in Our Daycare

Some children in daycare feel shy and less confidence because they are surrounding by stranger. Shy children usually needs longer time to be comfort interact with new people or new surround. This kind of children also commonly needs other help to get along with new environment. One of shy children sign is that they are usually seems very happy when they play alone or with certain people that familiar with them. Another one is they are seems so close with their parent so that still need to be accompany by parent during the daycare activity. Shy feeling also can be easily seen with their communication model. Open up children try to meet new people with full of curiosity. They seems to be easily stare at new people or children eyes while shy children will be difficult to take a look at the eye of people that they newly meet. However, every problem always has its own solution. The solution to overcome shy children problem are:

Try to be their protector.

Ask children go along with you and introduce them with the entire children in your daycare. Stay close with them while explaining of daycare activity in such a calm tone.

Use the proper gesture and body language to express the positive feeling toward new people that they meet.

Use any supportive daycare supplies

There are many kind of supplies that children can choose like the books, favorite games and many other to start interaction with the other.

Transfer the basic knowledge of new environment detail

Provide long enough time to make children can get along, help and find out an interesting new activity. Explain about the situation to make your children in the daycare feel comfort with their knowledge.

Use picture or kids book

Those daycare supplies will help children to understand and prepare of what they will do in a new places.

Never labeling kids.

We are commonly think that make a joke on someone because we think that it is true.

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