How to do Friendly Cost of Go Green Movement to Daycare Children |

How to do Friendly Cost of Go Green Movement to Daycare Children

How to do Friendly Cost of Go Green Movement to Daycare Children

Daycare should not be only the place for children to have fun and learning basic academic skill. This is also be the right place where children learn about various useful value in life like sharing, respect and even love to the nature. We are also possible to take part in this movement by simply teach children of our daycare to treat the planet in such full of respect and responsibility. It does not need to learn too complicated things since children do not have the capability to understand difficult concept yet. Just simply teach them to be wise in using the energy source and do some recycle can be a good start. The key is finding the right type of activity that will not need much money to expense while get children understand about the importance of keeping the earth balance will be helpful for their future. Here are some go green ideas that can be done along with daycare children without spending too much money on it:

Teach daycare children to be wisely using the electricity source.

In fact, the electricity abundant consumption is already becomes one of the most reasons that unfriendly toward our earth. You can arrange such a free electricity usage in the evening time. You can simply ask your daycare children to go out and have a fun outdoor activity like backyard camp, picnic or even some simple singing and story telling time. We can even make it more enjoyable with the story of how the electricity is invented and why we should be wisely use the electricity source. Of course we should be carefully chosen the words since children do not have the capability to understand complex sentence. Just try to make it straight and simple.

Ask daycare children to plant together

Planting or gardening is a great activity to teach go green movement to children. We are not only can teach them how to plant but also become friendlier with earth by using some useless media as plant house. Ask children to go around the daycare and find their own unused item to plant. You can simply give them a clue that metal coffee beans, old teapot, old boots, unused shoes, unused canning jar and many else. Do not forget to help them by making some drainage way or make a layer in their plant media.

Minimize the waste that you throw to the earth by making some art project with it

Another fun idea to teach go green concept to daycare children is recycling unused object to make an animal art. There are a lot of items that we can use start from plastic drink bottle, toilet tissue rolls, egg cartons and inexpensive art supplies. We can make such cute and funny caterpillars by simply cut the “egg” side of empty carton. Another fun idea is the animal life from blank slate of empty tissue roll. Firefly is also possible to make from such dry drink bottle with glow stick inside.  You can give some guidance to daycare children to make a real animal feature like the stripes of tiger or zebra. Teach them to paint the correct cow spot. Use the construction paper to make insect wings or bird beaks. Just try to make the right cut and glue it.

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