How to Deal with Preschooler Talk Back Habit |

How to Deal with Preschooler Talk Back Habit

How to Deal with Preschooler Talk Back Habit

Preschooler talk back habit commonly makes us feel upset and confuse. Some of us may also show anger. Rarely people understand that talk back habit is the way to express fear, hurt, anger and frustration. Unluckily, it is hard not to get angry. However, the wiser action is trying to find what makes them feel bother and teach them to express their emotion more properly. The problem is preschooler may do not know how to express their feeling inside properly.

How to Deal with Preschooler Talk Back Habit

You may try to prevent preschooler talk back habit by digging out their problem or situation. Try to recognize what makes them talking back to you. For example if they talk back when you order them to do something, recognize their situation. When they often doing this when they are in the middle of doing something then you can give some time for them to finish their activity and do your order. 5 minute warning is also an effective thing to do.

Most of us may do not know the real situation or background that makes them talk back to you. Even preschooler may do this type of habit because of hiding the fear. For example when they are refusing to going to bed at night with some rude expression. In this case, they just hide their fear. Try to reveal the real problem and offer solution like giving them flashlight near them.

Avoid war or battle with them

Never battle with them because it only makes everything get worse. You better try to speak calmly but straight to the point. For example if you already choose the shoes or clothes for them but they talk back inappropriately then you can gently say that if they do not like they can choose another one but the point is keep respect and talk in a nice way to the older people.

Watch your children favorite TV series or movie

Most children get influenced easily by the movies or television show that they see. Preschooler can imitate what they see because they may cannot differentiate what is proper act without our supervision. That is why we need to carefully examine what is their favorite movie or television series to prevent any improper habit.

How to Deal with Preschooler Talk Back Habit

Take a look at children back talk pattern

Be aware about the time they usually showing this habit. Do they show this habit when they feel tired of excessive activity? If this is the reason then you may give them some time to take a rest.

Set clear limit

If you think that there is improper word to say then you will need to make sure that the whole families agree with it. Make it a family rule. Give a gentle but straight explanation when you trying to remind them. Teach children that there are some words that do not need to speak out if it will be showing disrespect or hurt someone else feeling.

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