How to Deal with Hyperactive Daycare Children |

How to Deal with Hyperactive Daycare Children

How to Deal with Hyperactive Daycare Children

How to Deal with Hyperactive Daycare Children

Daycare is not an easy job especially if we you have to deal with children with special needs like hyperactive child. You need to have sufficient knowledge on how to handle this type of children so that your daycare activity will not be interrupted. Here are several things to handle hyperactive children:

Accept their conditions

This is the main thing that you need to do. If you already accept their condition, you can do better treatment. What you need to understand is that children do not want the condition but their brain is already build in that way so that they are often showing less positive behavior. Try to talk with the parent of hyperactive children parent. Try to listen on their story, share about children condition so that you can do the right action to hyperactive children in daycare.

Fix children behavior

You need to do immediate treatment to the destructive behavior so that you can fix daycare children behavior. You may need to talk with psychiatrist to solve this problem. Generally, expert will suggest to provide the type of activity that loved by daycare children. If they get bored, you need to change it with another activity. Try to make hyperactive children to do positive activity to spend their abundant energy.

Contact the psychiatrist for therapy session

If the daycare children have worse disorder then you need to contact the behavior therapy. There are various kind of behavioral therapy like psychosocial therapy, occasional therapy, educational therapy and psychotherapy. This therapy will teach daycare children to recognize which allowed and not allowed behavior. The usage of medicine should be minimized since it can result many side effect.

The side effect that may happen to your daycare children are sleepy, lack of appetite, difficult to sleep, stomach ache, headache, anxiety, discomfort and the barrier of creativity. The long period of medicine consumption can bring negative impact to the neuro system like medicine dependency until they reach older age. The medicine usage should only apply in a critical condition.

Provide the proper tools

You better design the room for hyperactive daycare children so that they can have wide enough room for play and moving. Try to minimize the amount of furniture and household. This is needed to avoid the unwanted thing like children get injured or breaking household or furniture. If it possible, provide wide enough of yard to give freedom of moving.

Train daycare children focus

You better guide the hyperactive daycare children to choose the right toys. It is important to train their concentration. The type of games or activity that hyperactive children can do is puzzle, gardening or have a pet. It can train their mind focus.

Knowing children attention and favorite things

Actually, hyperactive daycare children also have the same interest and favorite activity like normal kid. You better find their potential that related with their excessive energy. When you already recognize their potential, you can start to guide them in positive activity to support their interest. There are a lot of activities that you may provide like swimming, football or music.

Encourage their self confidence

You can try to boost hyperactive daycare children by using the behavior maintenance technique. The technique is simply like give them praise when they do good thing or giving a good role model to them. Try to control your emotion when warn hyperactive daycare children because most of them have sensitive feeling. Any wrong statement or act implementation can affect their self esteem.

Fix their hearing line

Hyperactive daycare children usually have hearing problem. They can hear but difficult to understand what they heard. They are hardly choosing the voice form entire existing voice. A daycare child with this behavior problem is also difficult to focus in a single voice. That is why they need to be trained with voice therapy. You can simply ask them to hear special cassettes with music inside for about 30 up to 60 minute. Effective result is commonly seen in 100 hours after therapy with lower excessive physical activity and increasing concentration during daycare hours.

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