How to Deal with Daycare Picky Eater Children? |

How to Deal with Daycare Picky Eater Children?

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How to Deal with Daycare Picky Eater Children?

Daycare job is not easy. One of the biggest problems that you may also face is the picky eater children. This type of children will likely to eat certain type of food and avoid any other. Most of us may not realize that children do the picky eater habit just because they know that it will disturb you. This behavior is commonly occurs to the children around 2 up to 4 of age. Since our toddler growth, they seem to have tons of energy. Unluckily, they eat less than before and particularly with the same menu every day. When you try to offering some other menu then they will straightly refuse it. No matter how hard we try or push, they will keep refusing. This is the reason why daily daycare meal time can be a frustrating one if we do not know how to overcome it. This type of behavior is normal to happen as long as there is no health or weight problem.  Commonly, daycare children become picky eater because some reasons as follow:

Daycare children still prefer to eat the menu or food that familiar with her daily menu.

Toddler is commonly refused to try new food because they do not have any reference of how it taste. That is why they do not know what it is and how it taste. They become picky eater of the food that we provide because they think they are like their favorite food a lot so what is the sense that pushing them to eat some new unfamiliar food.

Daycare children becomes picky eater sometimes just simply because they do not feel hungry.

It may sound difficult to believe but it happened. When children reached 2 or 3 of age, their growth rate is slow down as their appetite level.

Toddler is commonly using the picky eater habit to show their independent.

Believe it or not, daycare children commonly use this type of behavior to speak about their willing and desire as an individual.

However, do not be panic. You still can do several things to deal with your daycare children picky eater habit. Those things are:

Choose the right food and the right cooking method

Be sure that your daycare stock has abundant vegetables, fruits, whole grains, granola bars and other healthy food choice. The secret to attract children attention is by serving the food that has good appearance or color and great taste. Do not forget to choose healthier cooking method. It is better for you to prepare your daycare menu by boil, steam, grill or bake instead of fry it.

Never push daycare children too much

Slowly but sure is the secret to deal with picky eater children. Never ever push children to love or eat certain type of food. It will be fine as long as the food that they consume categorized as healthier one. Never give up when they refuse your offer. Give them some time and try to offer it again. It may take ten or more times until they can try it but it will be a worthy effort for their future.

Never push daycare children to simply sit down and finish their food

Children are well known as individual who easily to get distracted. Rather than pushing them in certain place and get their refuse then you better put some healthy snack in a table and let them grab it when they want. You may try to offer banana, avocado, hard-boiled egg and many others.

Make the preparation or meal time becomes fun

You can start to involve daycare children into the meal preparation to attract their attention and willingness to try. The positives things about it are the enjoyment feeling to be involved and the curiosity to eat their own food creation.

Try to offer small portion at first

It is better to try offering daycare children with picky eater problem a small amount of new food than provide it in a bulk. Add the amount periodically when children feel familiar and enjoy with this food.

Count the calorie level of your daycare children.

The best type of food to consume by children during 2 up to 4 years are avocados, chicken, cheese, yoghurt, egg, turkey, brown rice, broccoli, whole grain pasta and peanut butter.

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