How to Deal with Child Ignorance |

How to Deal with Child Ignorance

How to Deal with Child Ignorance

How to Deal with Child Ignorance

One of most common parent difficulties is dealing with child ignorance. It is starts to happen when they reach 2 years old. Usually, children at this age may ignore our request or order. This problem may frustrate most parents. It is the part of their process to build their own autonomy and independence. Ignore your request or order can be a way for them to discover their power and life searching.

This child ignorance is also their action to practice their assertive skills. They pick you because they commonly practice this skill on the person that they trust most. Another aspect is that they do not fully develop their impulse control yet. It means that when you ask them to stop playing or doing on something then it will trigger them to do the opposite. The best thing that you can do is try to make them cooperate while give space for their autonomy.

Here are several things that you can do when they ignore you:

Be real

The first key is being specific and detail. Make sure that each order or request that you make can be catch clearly by 2 years old children. Do not forget that you cannot expect they know everything have to be neat. Show them how to do it at first to teach new action then ask them to do the task.

Give a simple request

2 years old child may ignore your request or order just simply because they do not understand it clearly. To make it easier, divide your order into 2 step of instruction so that they can catch the idea clearly.

Make a follow through

When your children are showing their ignorance or refuse then you better make a follow through. Do not just keep silent and pretend as if it is never happen. Follow up will showing them that you are really ask them to do it and showing them what they should do.

Give motivation

Stop thinking that your children do your request and order just because they are afraid of you is a great thing. In fact, it is far better if they do it because they want it. Believe me, 2 years old child love to be praise and complimented. That is why you better showing your praises and compliment when they finish doing your order or request. Another way to showing your praise is by using sticker chart and reward.

How to Deal with Child Ignorance

Showing an alternative

Most parents will get stuck and showing their anger or upset feeling every time receive children ignorance and rejection. Actually, it will be better if parent can show an alternative rather than simply saying no. It will make children think of another choice or thinking about some better solution rather than just ignoring you. It will make your children feel that they still have their independence. In the other side, you will also get less chance to argue or fight with children by this method.

Be an understanding person

Put yourself on children shoes. It means that you have to try to understand your child situation. You cannot suddenly ask them to stop their activity and so your order immediately without looking at their condition. It feels like so disturbing when you are asked to stop while you are enjoying on something. That is why it is better to give them a notice.

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