How to Communicate Effectively with Daycare Preschooler |

How to Communicate Effectively with Daycare Preschooler

How to Communicate Effectively with Daycare Preschooler

Handling daycare preschooler is not as easy as it seems. It is simply because they often cannot clearly say what is on their mind. In order to achieve great communication with them then you need to do the following things:

How to Communicate Effectively with Daycare Preschooler

Keep your tone

Sometimes, we do not aware of our tone when communicating with preschooler. In fact, they have high awareness on your tone and body language. Be sure that you do not use any high tone to avoid them become frightened with you.

Provide endless attention

Attention here means trying to communicate with them even though you are busy. They will not understand if you just refuse to have communicate with them in such ignorance manner. If you are busy then you can try to explain by saying that why are you busy and how long the time needed to be able playing along with them. Your sentence will make them understand why you can not directly play with them.

Try to reflect the preschooler unspoken emotion

Sometimes, children cannot utter their truly emotion. You can try to ask question to find out what their truly feelings are such as are they angry or do they want to play with certain toys.

Helping preschooler figure out their problem

Preschooler often get difficult to explain what makes them scare. You can try to dig it out by asking question related with the present subject such as the movie that they watch or drama character that they seen lately.

Help them to be more aware with their emotion

Children often get difficult to be aware with their emotion. You can try to teach them about emotional awareness development by saying that you are also get angry sometimes and you may take a deep breath or going into another room to make you feel more calm. By doing this, you can teach preschooler to have anger management.

Offering choices

Rather than pushing them to choose based on your choice then it will be better if you provide some choices. Let them choose the one that they want. Some simple example are the question whether they want to wear what type of clothes color, shoes and etc.

Face the preschooler temper tantrum wisely

Instead of get angrier when your preschooler rising their temper then you can try to provide a wiser option. If your children is the one that often get and extreme anger then saying things like stop yelling is not a great choice. A better option is suggest them to go into another room like bathroom and let them yelling for about a minute to express their feeling is a safer option.

How to Communicate Effectively with Daycare Preschooler

Avoid any over explanation

Sometimes we are trapped into such a long explanation. In fact, simple explanation is better choice since it can reduce the high risk of involving in longer debate or daycare preschooler temper tantrum.

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