How to Choose the Right Children Daycare Toys based on Their Ages |

How to Choose the Right Children Daycare Toys based on Their Ages

How to Choose the Right Children Daycare Toys based on Their Ages

How to Choose the Right Children Daycare Toys based on Their Ages

One of daycare job is choosing the toys that appropriately matched with each children age. Be sure to read each package carefully and take a look at the CPSC standard to know which toys that safe enough. Another aspect that also needs to be considered is the daycare children habit, behavior and temperament. However, the main point is the safety factor beside other additional aspects like children maturity and intelligence.

Proper toys for daycare infant, toddler and preschooler age:

The size of toys should be large enough around 3 cm of the diameter and 6 cm of the length. It is important so that the daycare toys will not be swallowed. You may use choke tube or small part tester to determine whether the toys is too small or not. Those tools are specially designed to be similar with child windpipe. If you find that the toys can be fit inside it then it is too small. You may also use the toilet paper roll to hold the same function as the previous tools to check the toys size.

You may avoid any balls, coin and marbles that have 4, 4 cm of diameter because it may fit inside the child throat and prevent the breathing process. Some toys equipped with battery. This type of toys should have battery cases that secured with screw so that daycare children cannot open it. It is simply because the battery and fluid inside battery can expose children to some hazard like choking, chemical burn and internal bleeding.

Check any daycare toys so that you can be sure that it is strong, unbreakable and do not have easily loosened or sharp edges. Toys that have parts that can be pinch point for children finger is also need to be avoided. If you want to provide riding toys then you need to check children readiness. Provide this type of daycare toys only when children can sit by themselves without any help. An additional strap is also better to equipped to prevent any tipping risk.

Daycare toys for grade schooled children

One of the most popular toys for grade schooled age is skateboard, scooter and bicycles. Be sure that children wear helmet and other safety gear when playing on it. If you willing to provide dart then the arrow or dart must have soft tips and not a hard one. Guns should be carefully informed not to be used to anyone. Another type of popular toy is the electric toys. Make sure that the toys that you choose has UL label on it. This label means that it already has completing the Underwriter Laboratories safety test so that it will safe to use by daycare children.