How to Apply for Toys for Tots Program |

How to Apply for Toys for Tots Program

How to Apply for Toys for Tots Program

How to Apply for Toys for Tots Program

The Toys for Tots program itself was began in 1974. This is a kind of nonprofit organization that set up by United States Marine Corp Reserve. Every year, this program will collect new toys for needed children from October to December. The awesome fact of Toys for Tots success is that it can provide 5 million of new toys in 2009. If you willing to get some toys for your children or knowing the children that needed then you can simply apply for Toys for Tots.

Here are some simple steps to apply for Toys for Tots program:

Open up the Toys for Tots official website and search for Request Toys button then click on it.

Search for local campaign.

When you already find the request toys page, select your state and your country. When you do that, the website will automatically redirecting you to the local Toys for Tots program in your area.

Search for registration request and select it.

If you want to apply for children then you better select Toys request from.

If you want to join for Toys for Tots event then you can select Tell Us about Your Event form.

If you are willing to apply for Toys for Tots promotional material then you can simply choose the Request Supplies form.

You may also become the Toy for Tots drop off site by clicking on ‘Become a Toy for Tots Drop Site’

Fill out the request from completely.

The data information that requested to fill out will be heavily depend on each type of form that you apply. Generally, the data will be include the number of children, ages of children, business name, event date and times, types of supplies and quantity of boxes that needed by children. When you finish, submit it.

Submit your form

After you fill out and submit the complete form then people from local campaign will contact you with your provided information.

Contact the program military contact if you still have some question.

The contact person will be stated in the first page of local website of Toys for Tots program.

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