Healthy Fruit on a Budget List |

Healthy Fruit on a Budget List

Healthy Fruit on a Budget List

Healthy Fruit on a Budget List

Healthy Fruit on a Budget List

Healthy fruit is needed to fulfill your body need of vitamin and mineral. Unluckily, most of you still think that it is far enough to reach and not putting it as a must on your list. Believe me, there is a huge list of fruit that is definitely healthy enough and even will not spend much money. Feel curious about the list? Get the detail as follow:

Healthy Fruit List


Watermelon is chosen since the price is cheap enough around 0,30 per cup or 5 dollar per melon. With a high level of vitamin C, you will get help to increase your immune level, antioxidant to deal with cancer and healthier bone. Simply make a fresh slice, juice, smoothie or make a popsicle will be great.


With the price range around 0,50 per banana or 2 dollars per bunch, you will already get fruit that contains rich fiber and potassium level. Slice it up or blend it with ice cream will be a great choice.


Kiwi has contained high vitamin C and also fiber. By spending 0,40 per kiwi, you will get its huge benefit. You can eat it directly with a spoon or create a fruit salad and granola bowl.


0,50 dollar per ½ cup or 3 dollars per small melon is the price that offered for cantaloupe. It has anti-oxidant properties. You can freeze it and make a popsicle or simply eat it with yogurt.


This one is a favorite fruit of all age. Apple can help you to minimize the cancer risk, asthma, and diabetes.

Healthy Fruit on a Budget ListPear

0,85 dollar for each pear or 1,75 dollar per pound is the price offered. White pear can help you to prevent stroke. However, you still can try the other type of pear.


Orange may be the most popular fruit with high vitamin C level. Actually, orange is not only rich in vitamin C but also a high level of fiber, folate, and potassium. Be sure that you are not adding to much sugar. Adding too much sugar will not be a good choice since it will ruin the natural benefit of this healthy fruit.