Healthy Food Choice under 1 Dollar |

Healthy Food Choice under 1 Dollar

Healthy Food Choice under 1 Dollar

Healthy Food Choice under 1 Dollar

Healthy food usually identified as an expensive or at least need to spend a little bit more of your budget. In fact, there are plenty of healthy choices that still priced under 1 dollar for each serving that can be your stock. Of course, the price which will be mentioned below will not be an exact price in every region since it will heavily depend on each food brand and location. Let’s start with the detail:

Healthy Food Choice Legume and Seed List


The first thing that you can choose is oat. It is only cost 1 dollar per pound. Even though cheap enough, oat is rich with the various nutrient such as low fat, fiber and even can reduce your cholesterol level.


With the price around 0,60 dollar per ounce or 5 dollars per 8-ounce bag, almond can be your next perfect choice. You can simply consume a small handful of almonds per day or add it to the cereal an oatmeal. Almond is rich in monounsaturated fat and fiber. By consuming it in regular basis, you can reduce your risk to get diabetes and obesity.


You just need to spend around 0,50 dollar per ounce or 4 dollar per 8-ounce bag for peanut. Peanut contain of healthy fat and decrease your risk of getting heart disease.


Tofu is labeled around 0,20 dollar per ounce or 3 dollar per pound. What  makes tofu categorized as healthy food is the fact that it is contain high protein level and low in fat. If processed as soy, it can decrease cholesterol level and your risk of getting breast cancer. Simply stir fry tofu with vegetable or scramble it will be a great menu to taste.

Healthy Food Choice Dairy Product List


Milk is already well known as healthy choice. By spending around 0,25 dollar per cup or 4 dollar per gallon, you will get strong teeth and nourish energy.


1 dollar per 6 ounce cup will be enough to get the benefit of yoghurt. Even tough youghurt is healthy but you need to beware of those who already given a lot of extra sugar in the flavor. Yoghurt is include into the list since it has rich protein and calcium intake.

Cottage cheese

This type of cheese is contain protein that needed by the body. It is even great as diet menu since it is completed with various type start from full-fat, low –fat and free-fat. Give some fruit topping will be delicious enough.


The egg is chosen since it will only need to spend around 0,19 per egg or 3,50 per dozen. It will provide protein for your needs. You can simply makes scramble eggs or make a frittata with it.

Healthy Food Choice Fish List

Healthy Food Choice under 1 DollarCanned tuna

Canned tuna usually will be around 0,30 dollar per ounce or 1,50 per 5-ounce can. It is a great choice not only because of its cheap price but also rich of omega-3  that is cruciall in brain development process. Simply add greek yoghurt or hummus to create healthy and yummy tuna salad.

Canned salmon

Priced 0,20 dollar per ounce or 2,50 per 14,75 ounce can, you already get this rich of omega-3 seafood.

Those all of choices above can be your next option for daily menu if you want to consume cheap healthy food.