Green Daycare 7 Easy Steps to Create |

Green Daycare 7 Easy Steps to Create

Green Daycare 7 Easy Steps to Create

Green Daycare 7 Easy Steps to Create

Green Daycare 7 Easy Steps to Create

Green daycare is not only a dream right now. We are even can create it on our own. Nowadays, parent will not only looking for daycare that provide great learning curriculum and great staff but also caring the environment. It is simply because, daycare that showing commitment to protect environment can teach children good value since early age. Environment friendly can be called as green daycare. This type of daycare provide environmentally friendly product and non toxic space.

Letting children under supervision of green daycare can bring safe feeling toward parent since their children will be stay in a healthy and safe environment. This kind of place is a great place to grow and learn various valuable lesson in this life. Need a guidance to start your own environmentally friendly daycare? Here are 7 simple steps to follow:

Green Daycare Creating Steps

Arrange eco friendly activity

Teach daycare children about green daycare importance can be done through arranging various activity. The series of activity that mainly focused on natural and environment is not a difficult thing to do. You can start by bring some local vegetable to the class and let children identify or discuss it more detail. Besides that, you can let daycare children wash and prepare the vegetable for their menu. Do not forget to also teach them to compost the leftover of vegetable when finished.

Teach children about efficiency of energy

If your daycare commonly use older lighbulb then you may start to turn into low voltage compact fluorescent lighbulb. Low volateg compact fluorescent lighbulb only need small amount of energy usage. Other way to teach children loving their environment is by asking them to turn off the computer and other appliances when not in use.

Green Daycare 7 Easy Steps to CreateEncourage children to do recycle

Let children understand about the concept of recycling by doing recycling method and sort item that can be recycled. Do some fun activities by creating new stuff from unused material such as making storage from old boxes and containers. Creative fun craft is also great activity choice. You can use egg cartons, recycled paper and natural material like dry leaves and small stone.

Use eco friendly cleaning product

Eco friendly cleaning product are available. What you need to do is choosing the non toxic and biodegradable one. Moreover, you  may try to make your own homemade cleaner producst from baking soda, vinegar, water and mild type of detergent.

Change your menu into an organic one

There are so many local organic foods production that you  may choose. Arrange healthy menu while teach children to minimize the waste of food.

Choose eco friendly material for your daycare center

If you really want to create green daycare then you can start to change your renovation material. Choose the one that is a non toxic material, low VOC paint, recycled product and formaldehyde free flooring.

Less paper and friendlier to the environment

Paper report and document can waste too much paper. Instead of consuming much paper, you can switch into a digital report. The report can be send regularly to the parent via email or text.

Do those 7 easy step and you can simply creating green daycare.