Great Foods for Daycare Toddler Part 2 |

Great Foods for Daycare Toddler Part 2

Great Foods for Daycare Toddler Part 2


Fruit is also included into great foods to consume for daycare toddler because of its benefit toward children health. Tomatoes are just one of the examples of it. Tomatoes are chosen since it contains lycopene that can increase our immune toward cancer attack. What should you do to create delicious and healthy food with tomato? You can simply try to combine it with various good fat sources such as olive oil. Make it as pizza or pasta sauce is also a common choice. Another choice is making meatloaf or meatball and then pours a tomato sauce on it.

Great Foods for Daycare Toddler Part 2


Next choice is cabbage. As a kind of vegetable, cabbage is chosen because of its nutrient and unique texture. Not only delicious, cabbage is also effective to maintain children digestion system and decrease cancer risk. Moreover, this type of vegetable is also useful to get rid of the harmful toxin from the body which can make children healthier. Just try to combine it with low fat mayo, soup or noddle.

Low fat Greek yogurt

Low fat Greek yogurt is also advised to consume by daycare children since it has good bacteria that effective enough to increase immune level. Not only that, it is also great to maintain digestion system. You may add some maple syrup or a drizzle of honey to make it more tempting.


Maybe, only a few of us that realize the importance of cocoa powder. It has highest level of flavonoids which is helpful to improve blood pressure level. Not only that, it is also good o protecting your skin from ultraviolet radiation. You can simply melt it and combine it with strawberry or put it on waffles and pancakes.


Salmon is well known of its omega 3 fat. Omega 3 fat itself is great to boost brain development and prevent depression. Simply provide salmon fillet with teriyaki sauce or orange juice. Another great idea to prepare is make it as burger or salad with low fat mayo.

Black beans

Beans contain high level of protein, calcium and fiber. Not only that, beans are also great for controlling cholesterol and heart problem.

Great Foods for Daycare Toddler Part 2


On With its proper blood sugar maintenance ability, cinnamon can help you to keep children stay healthy. Simply spread the cinnamon sprinkle into your pancakes, oatmeal or yogurt. Need more idea for your picky eater daycare children? Try the idea to sprinkle it on popcorn.