Get the Perfect Preschool Picnic Daycare Activity

Get the Perfect Preschool Picnic Daycare ActivityThere is various type of activity that can be done with our preschool daycare children. In fact, children in preschool are still working on their hand and eye coordination. Not only that, toddler also need to develop their fine motor skill.  One of activity that will be loved by children is picnic time. As daycare provider, we are responsible to set picnic activity that properly matches with daycare children development and brain growth. A kind of useful activity is cut, glue, draw and writing activity that will support preschool skills achievement.  Before starting, we will need to prepare the needed item to make it. The items are paper, marker, children scissor, old magazine, doll, action figures, picnic blanket and snacks. When we already prepared all the needed things then we can start the process to cherish our daycare picnic plan.

Ask our preschool daycare to get the old magazine and cut any picture that associated with food. Use the children size scissor but stay supervises them. If you have older children then you can ask them to draw their favorite food. When children of our daycare are finish to cut and glue the food that they cut in a piece of paper then we continue to ask them writing down the menu list. Do not forget to accompany and assist them to spell the letter. Divide the children of our daycare as those who serve and the restaurant guest. Spread out the picnic blanket as the restaurant area. Use a sheet of paper to write down the guest food request. The children that become the server will write the request down and using the picture from old magazine to serve the food. After several time, let the children take turn to make all children get the role of server and restaurant guest.

This kind of games is not only provide fun times during the daycare picnic but also can boost the brain development. Another type of activity that we can do during the picnic time is involving camera usage. Take out your digital camera and take a picture of surrounding objects like car, tree, bushes, picnic blanket, food, children, sky, river and many others. Ask preschool children of your daycare to draw the object. When they finish, try to explain the object based on its different shape or color. Children in our daycare can develop their brain by simply holding the crayon, marker or crayon. Even use pencil or pen in a sheet of paper can train their basic skill. Cutting an object is also a great way for preschool children to increase their fine motor skills level. Not only motor skill, this type of activity can increase preschool daycare hand and eye coordination.