Fun Learning through Cooking Activity with Daycare Toddler

Fun Learning through Cooking Activity with Daycare ToddlerDaycare provider has a lot of jobs to do dealing with child supervision. Generally, the responsibility is not just maintains children health and safety but also make sure that children can reach their development level correctly. Meanwhile, transferring knowledge is not that easy when we are dealing with toddlers. The key is to make this lesson or teaching hour keep the fun so that children can enjoy and feel not pushed. Make a fun lesson activity is also important for a daycare toddler since they are easy to get bored or distracted.  That is why we have to find the correct ways to teach them with the ways that can tie their intention and focus. One type of activity that we can try to do along with a toddler is cooking together. Cooking is not only fun but also educated because our daycare toddler can learn many things by doing this activity.

Our daycare toddler can improve their fine motor skill while doing this cooking activity. Not only that, they are also possible to acknowledge the importance of nutritional intake. During the cooking experience, they will figure out various types of nutrition and what kind of important nutrition that they should consume. Cooking class will be a great tool to widen up daycare toddler sensory exploration. Social skill is also effectively teaching during this cooking activity. Children will learn to cooperate with other toddler when processing the food.  They also can know better about measurement and shape conception. Language development is also training in cooking class. It is possible because the toddler is asked to follow the direction so that they can produce the food. We just need to pay attention to daycare toddler safety. Make children stay away from sharp utensil like knives, dangerous electrical and heating. Do not forget to ask a toddler of our daycare to wash their hands. The last thing is always supervised them during the cooking class because the toddler is very active. Do the suggestion above and enjoy the fun cooking process in our daycare.