Fun Interesting Ways to Teach Daycare Children about Healthy Food

Fun Interesting Ways to Teach Daycare Children about Healthy FoodHaving a daycare means we are taking responsibilities from the parents. That is why we should take care of children health and safety. One of the most important thing to think about is children’s consumption pattern. In fact, children commonly deal with big portion sizes or lack of fruit and vegetables. Not only that, in most cases we can find children are getting used to consume over processed snacks and sweet. This is the pattern that we should avoid to have in our daycare. You do not want the student have problem about blood sugar and blood pressure right? That is not only the case. Unhealthy eating habit that we have in our daycare will make children expose to risk of diabetes, asthma, ADHD and many more. Unluckily, children can not simply teach by understanding formal explanation about the importance of keeping their own healthy god habit. However, we still possible to teach him about the healthy eating habit significance through some fun visual and games.

The first thing that we can do to teach children in our daycare about healthy eating habit is the fooducate as a mobile pap that help us to scan any food. This mobile pap can scan the food that have a barcode to make sure is it healthy or safe. This mobile pap comes up with an easy and understandable explanation for children. Once more great fact about this mobile pap is the video game that will absolutely great ways to teach children in our daycare about healthy eating. Playing bite games. Count together at least 30 second for each food that eat by children. Eating with this pattern can be a useful learning experience for children in our daycare because it can provide enough time for our body to send and receive the signal that our stomach is already full enough. Next games are punch buggy to any processed food. In fact, we have to admit that processed food producer having a great marketing strategy to attract children attention. Any fun stickers of package with popular character is the one who makes children love to eat it. Teach children in our daycare to snap their fingers anytime they found any advertise the food to attract children attention. The most common strategy to attract is the bright color and a cartoon character.

A last game to teach children in our daycare about healthy eating habit importance is ‘who is your mama’. This is a simple but fun and useful to educate children. We can put several food on the table and let children sit in a circle position. Take a turn to take a food and them question the rest to give an answer who is the mama of this food. For example, take an orange and ask where does it comes from. Apple is growth in the tree, that is why the mama is a tree. Next, for example is milk then the mama is a cow because the cow is producing milk. We can also ask children in our daycare to ask their peer about the various foods that we already provided. Let them recognize where the vegetables, fruit, milk or processed snack comes from. Give an example of one processed food like a snack or soft drink. Take one and ask the children of our daycare about  the mama of this food. If the food is coming from such complex ingredient like gelatin, food color, calcium carbonate and other chemical substance then the mama is factory. Explain to them that the real mama is healthier to consume than the factory. This simple lesson can help us to teach children in our daycare to be able to make a decision on which food that is better for them to consume in the future.