Fun Backyard Activity Idea for Daycare Children

Fun Backyard Activity Idea for Daycare ChildrenBelieve or not, summer make daycare work more challenging. It is simply because children easily get bored with all of the routine activity. Actually there are various things to do but it will need more budget since we will normally visit several places. Unluckily, not all parents or daycare have enough money to do this. If you have problem dealing with spending money then you better do some following backyard activity to save the money expense. It will not be bored if we can choose the right kind of activity to do. Another aspect that that becomes benefit of some backyard activity is that we can be easier to manage and take care of children since it is still around the daycare location. It will be absolutely easier than run to take care of many children outside. The first idea that we can simply do is children carnival. Just set some games like great carnival have. We even can use the item or material that we can simply find around the house. Make beanbag toss game by using useless card box and make a hole of it. Set some glass bottle and let children do some toss rings games are also possible fun activity to do in our daycare during the summer heat.

Use our safe painting to have a face painting activity. I am sure, children will love face painting. If it is sound not enough for our daycare then we can try some mini basketball games by using balls and laundry basket. There are many ideas that we can simply adopt from a real carnival games. Wearing a clown costume and present some story telling is also a good idea to try. Ask children help to present such mini drama. Another type of backyard activity that perfect for our daycare during the summer is obstacle course. Just put some tricycle or mini motorcycle near the sand box and ask children to go around the sandbox, climbing though the slide, crawl on the swing set and put a rope as the finish line. Scavenger hunt is also a great backyard games for children in our daycare. It is also effective for us to teach children about knowledge. Ask children to find out various leaf or stone around the backyard. To make it more interesting, we can simply add some item and hide it under the three or behind the stone. This can be a great backyard games for our daycare called treasure hunt. To make it more challenging and fun we can give some limit time and set a reward for the first children who can arrive in the finish line.

If you like, you can also make a camp outside of our daycare children. Make a tent in our backyard and set adventurous experience through choosing the right activity plan. Do not forget to ask for parent permission before asking our daycare children to join this activity. Be sure that we already prepare the blanket or sleeping back. It will be better if we can ask for parent help to get involve so that children on our daycare can bring their own camp utility. Light is important so be sure to prepare the camp lights. Make a plan of activity that can avoid any boredom like evening snack, storytelling and singing time. In the night, set a campfire ring and toast marshmallow is a great idea to do. This kind of backyard activity is great but get parent help will be effective since we can be easier to take care and keep an eye on children. Choose the kind of activity that can be accommodate with our backyard space. Just try the ideas and find out that our daycare children will not get worried about their activity during the summer.