Fun and Easy Ideas for Daycare Children Snacking Activity |

Fun and Easy Ideas for Daycare Children Snacking Activity

Fun and Easy Ideas for Daycare Children Snacking Activity

Fun and Easy Ideas for Daycare Children Snacking Activity

Daycare children snacking activity is important agenda if you want to create fun learning for children. Having this kind of activity can make children learn about healthy food choice. You can simply involve them to make this easy and healthy snack by themselves. Even picky eater may love this activity since they made it by themselves.

Try the following ideas to create healthy daycare children snacking activity:

Ants on a log

An ant in a log is absolutely great daycare children snacking activity. You just need to prepare celery sticks, peanut butter and raisin. Cut the celery stick in a finger food size and let daycare children fill the celery hollow with peanut butter. After that, press the celery into the raisin. Children will love this daycare children snacking activity since it is tasty and interesting to make. Moreover, it is healthy.

Fruit smoothies

Children may get bored to eat sliced fruit. An effective way to make it more interesting is making smoothies. You just need to blend the fruit and let children do the rest. Let them prepare the fruit blend and yoghurt. Never limit daycare children snacking activity choice. Let them choose the kind of fruit that they prefer to consume. Mix it all and get healthier drink for children health.

Stick sandwiches

Stick sandwiches can be your favorite daycare children snacking activity. Have plain sandwich in daily basis may makes children get bored. To overcome it, you can simply cut the bread in cubes size. Prepare meat, cheese, pickles, lettuce, olives and cherry tomatoes. You can even add another item to make it more interesting. Daycare children can use skewer to stack the sandwich. This daycare children snacking activity can be a great way to provide tasty and healthy food choice.

Mini pizzas

Mini pizzas need oven so it will need your intense supervision. Warm the oven on 350 Fahrenheit degrees. You can simply use slices of half English muffin, pita bread or tortilla as your pizza crust. Now it’s the turn of children. Let them start the fun daycare children snacking activity by spreading the spaghetti sauce on the crust and give the topping. Let them explore with various topping choice based on their preferences like cheese, meat, bacon, ham, lettuce, olives, tomatoes, pepper, onion and others. Bake it about 10 minutes until the cheese melted. Your delicious mini pizza from daycare children snacking activity is ready to serve.

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