Finding Essential Montessori Daycare Supplies in Our Own Home

Finding Essential Montessori Daycare Supplies in Our Own HomeFinding the right montessori daycare supplies is essential to run it smoothly. A montessori method actually can be functionally well in other age beside preschool. However, this kind of method works perfectly in the preschool age. It is simply because this type of method have enormous material for preschooler age. Montessori teaching concern to children age before 6. So if we want to run a day care based on montessori system then the children under our supervision will be less than 6 on age. The age ranging sourced from the thought that the most important period of life start from birth up to 6. That is why we need to provide proper montessori daycare supplies to support children developmental stages. Firstly, we need to have sufficient knowledge about montessori education. Without having proper knowledge, we will get difficulties to establish our montessori daycare and providing the right montessori daycare supplies.No matter what kind of daycare that we want to set, as long as we choose Montessori method then there are several books to read. Those book are ‘How to raise an Amazing Child the Montessori Way’ by Tim Seldin or ‘Teach Me to Do It Myself’ by Maja Pitamic. Beside those two books, we can add a lot of e book about montessory education from internet as our additional montessori daycare supplies.

To save the budget, we can make our own shelves, table and chair. If it is not possible for us to make it by our own then we can purchase it. The shelves, tables and chair are categorized as important montessori daycare supplies to provide. It is simply because children will used it frequently in the daily basis. The common shelves, table or chair will not suitable for child size. We need to provide the one that will be easily for them to reach. Montessori can be applied into such home daycare. It can be a way out for women that want to earn money while taking care of their own children. The problem that commonly happen is something dealing with providing montessori daycare supplies and manage it by ourselves. For those who have limited budget, the supplies can be obtain through buying from flea market or using our own furniture at home. Beside that, we can take a look of any auction or garage sales to get cheaper montessori daycare supplies. It is fine to buy used one since the matter is about the function not about the new or old one. If the problem is about the management then it will be depend on us to direct, teach and do other supporting task like looking for montessori daycare supplies.

The teaching method of montessori school is based on learning through practical activity. The main point is providing montessori daycare supplies learning in fun so that children under our supervision do not feel that learning time as a burden.  Involving children to such practical life activity is a great tools to teach them. We can even find many useful montessori daycare supplies from common used tools in our daily life.  Basically, montessori daycare have 5 types of basic learning. Those are match, practical life, language, sensoric and cultural. Just exactly the same as other type of daycare supplies. We will need some books or toys as learning tools. Beside providing all the montessori daycare supplies, we also need to make our classroom as attractive as possible. However, it will also need to keep in order so that our family and children feel comfort being there and not disturbed with al montessori materials. The essential point when choosing montessori daycare supplies is deciding the one that help us in child care program.