Find Perfect Daycare Activities for Infant

Find Perfect Daycare Activities for InfantThe main responsibility for daycare provider is creating supporting environment and daycare activities for children under their supervision. If we are dealing with infant then it will be our main objectives to create daily activities to support their developmental skill. We all know that infants cannot learn by the same method as preschool or other toddler has. The daycare provider should be clever to create playtime that gives full support to their achievement. The key is close interaction with them. Infant will learn through playing game with their caregiver. The simplest type of game like peek a boo is great for their development. Actually, there are many kinds of daycare activities that we can do to support infant development. We can try the classic games like clapping the baby’s hand is fun and good enough to start the learning process. It is great to let infant imitate and repeat the action. Another type of daycare activities that perfect for infants is crawling obstacle. We put some pillows, book, toys as the obstacles while they are crawling. We can also crawl beside them to show them that they can crawl through the obstacle. It can make children get more enjoy the daycare activities.

The next great idea of daycare activities is the games that involving the hand and eye coordination. We can provide some toys like blocks, boxes or soft books for training their hand and eye coordination. Try to give them a bowl. We can take some blocks or balls and put it inside the bowl to show them how to do this game. Later on, they can imitate this kind of daycare activities of their own. We can also teach infant to stack boxes, blocks and flat toys. Infant can imitate our activity and learn to develop their hand and eye coordination at the same time. Our role as a daycare provider is building the connection and trust with the infant. The way to build this connection can be done by playing and showing funny faces of babies. Babies love to imitate. Not only imitate, this kind of daycare activities and games can be a way to make us get closer to them. We can also do our daily routine job like cleaning and cooking. Infant will love to imitate what we are doing. When they are doing it, they are already building their motor skill development without being aware of doing it. When children still stay under our supervision then we are replacing their parents. That is why it is good to do daycare activities together to build closer relationship with them.

Childhood time is fun and the best stage for infant development. That is why it is a part of our vital role to help infant reach their development while staying in our daycare. One of useful daycare activities is story time. Most children love to hear stories. It will be even more interesting if we are telling the story with funny faces and voices. Spend some time to teach them through reading a story. It seems simple and nothing gained but fun. However, this kind daycare activity actually carries many important things for infant developmental skills. An infant can start to learn about the word and picture connection. When they hear the story, they will look at the picture and reveal the meaning by connecting the story and the picture to explain the whole story goes. Try to find the story that appropriate for their age to make them keep interested. Another fun and joyful daycare activities are singing time. This kind of game plan can support children memory skill. Set children to sit in a circle and sing the song together. Choose the familiar song for infant like old MacDonald and if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands. Make this activity time to support their early developmental basic skills. Ask them to clap their hands while singing so that we can use this daycare activities to support their motor skill and memory at the same time.