Eating Utensils to Avoid for Your Daycare Supplies

Eating Utensils to Avoid for Your Daycare SuppliesProviding proper daycare supplies are a vital role of our responsibilities as a daycare provider. If we want to make sure that we already maintain children’s health during the feeding time then we should pay attention on the supplies as a whole. Most of daycare provider may only put their attention on finding the healthy food and ingredient. Only a few that recognized that choosing the right utensil also have great effect. In fact, there are many kinds of material that uses to make the daily eating utensil. If we do care about children’s health then we should have enough knowledge on this. It is even becoming more important for preschool because they will use it to learn feeding by their selves. The first type of better to avoid daycare supplies in utensil category is plastic utensil that contains polycarbonate. It should be avoided since it will leaches bisphenol A. This kind of material mostly finding in plastic utensil like daycare supplies for feeding and storage. In fact, this kind of material usage is very dangerous to infant development. Infant that using this kind of utensils will be likely suffering from developmental, reproductive and neural disorder. All of these complex problems are just rooted mainly from our mistake on choosing safe material for our daycare supplies.

The next material to avoid for our chosen daycare supplies is Styrofoam. Unluckily, this is mainly found in picnic cups, plates and bowl. Most daycare providers, maybe including our self still use this kind of daycare supplies material because of its practical usage. Most of manufacturer using this material because of its ability of heat insulating. It is also commonly used because of its simplicity and attractive appearance. That is why most of us still use Styrofoam to store food for our daycare feeding routine schedule. If we do not aware and use this kind of daycare supplies in our daily activities then it can bring negative impact to children’s health. It is even can be more dangerous if we use daycare supplies made from styrofoam to store hot food. The possible problems that commonly appear are the kind of light problem like nervousness and fatigue. Unluckily the effect of Styrofoam usage is not the only result light problem but also chronic health condition. Those heavy illnesses like disease that related to blood, affect the chromosome and even cancer. That is why we have to erase the Styrofoam equipment from our daycare supplies list. It is absolutely needed if we want to create child care that concern about children wealth.

Another bad news about daycare supplies is that there are many available utensil in the market that easily worn and scratched. Actually, the FDA already regulates that any kind of utensil that possible to leach more than 3 micrograms should be taken out from the market. It is mainly because it is possible to leaching. The leaching of its layer may contaminate our food that cooked by this utensil. It is essential to be revealed since many of us still not aware of this issue. That is why it is better to clean up our daycare supplies utensil with soft material so that it will not cause any scratch. We also need to be careful if most of our daycare supplies for feeding time are made from China. The regulation of safe material usage in making feeding utensil is not strict in there. That is why many kinds of eating utensil and toys made from China contain the dangerous chemical ingredient. Throw away any potential hazardous eating utensil from our daycare inventory. Carefully choose our daycare supplies as well as we choose for daycare furniture because our awareness will provide complete protection toward children under our supervision.