Does Your Daycare Have Teach Discipline Effectively? |

Does Your Daycare Have Teach Discipline Effectively?

Does Your Daycare Teach have Discipline Effectively?

Does Your Daycare Teach have Discipline Effectively?

Discipline is an important value to teach since early age, the question is does it also applied for children in a daycare? In fact, there are more parents that have to support their family financial income and need help to leave their children. There are so many kinds of benefits of daycare start from supporting child development, maintain children nutrition, prepare them for academic skills and teach the social skills. How about discipline, does it also teach in day care because children also need to understand that there is always a rule and discipline is needed to stick on it. We have to realize that each person has their own concept of discipline, so does the daycare. We cannot expect that the daycare provider will be given the same discipline method to our children. To overcome the unwanted problem in the future, we can simply make a communication with the daycare. Meet them and discuss about the discipline method that fit with both of us. By doing this, the daycare provider will understand what should they do to meet our needs. It may not exactly the same as we expected but at least it seems similar to the discipline style that we apply at home.

Discipline is a sensitive issue to discuss. However, this should be the main key to check when we are looking for daycare for our child. It is even more important if we are leaving our children in a full time child care. We have to be sure that the places not only provides general children benefit such as fun time to play, supporting the learning process, great socializing time and nutritious food but also teach them about the right discipline that will be their foundation for the whole life. The caregiver absolutely has its own standard discipline. Commonly, it is very different with our rules at home. Of course the impact is the confusion of children since they have to do different kind of discipline while they are spending their time in the daycare and at home. If we want to get the similar discipline method of discipline for our children then there are several things to consider. Firstly, we have to be honest about our discipline value whether it is already a great one or just need to be repaired. We cannot just simply make any judgment based our own point of view just because we are the child’s parent. Any judgment and improper manner to express will make the child care feel they are not trusted and disrespect. Try to be honest and talk as mature with positive manner with the daycare provider will be better.

There are a lot of benefits that we can get through building great communication with the daycare. Good communication will well functioned if our children have some problem like temper tantrums, shy or introvert. We can talk regularly to the provider so that we can discuss about the best solution to provide. Another way to check the discipline rules is by contacting the local child care licensing authority. They know what kind of rules that allowed and not allowed to apply in daycare. We can meet them to search as much as information then continue to visit the child care. Visiting the place will make us possible to do some observation whether we already agree with their discipline style or not. Generally, good daycare business always puts their attention on discipline into three areas. Those are the staff have to be showing positive manner, the rule has to clear and reasonable and any violation of the rules have to be explained clearly. The rules usually simplify into children should not hurt themselves or other children and damage any furniture, toys and other daycare supply. This simplification is made since they are dealing with younger age children. Too complicated rules will not resulting anything in daycare.

Each daycare may have different type of rules and discipline method. However, they have the common basic. The similarities are commonly divided into several aspects. First, the daycare provider must avoid any kind of cruel and harsh punishment. They are responsible of children’s character building as long as children stay under their supervision. That is why the provider should not use any negative sentence or even abuse the children verbally. It is also not tolerate to do anything that related to hitting, spanking, pinching and other harsh physically punishment. Physical punishment is not effective at all and it has even made the problem get worse. Daycare also not allowed to frighten or humiliate the child. Never lock children in a room just by themselves as the kind of punishment. ¬†Another important part to remember by parents and daycare provider are never given punishment to children by not allowing them to eat, sleep or using toilet for any kind of mistake. As provider, the whole responsibilities is on them to provide daycare benefits to children so it will not wisely make certain children discipline the other. If your daycare provider has some regulation or disciplinary act program that is not matched with your point then speak it out. Talk to other parents if do not get good feedback from the provider. Finally, it is our own preferences to leave the children in what kind of daycare.

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