Does Daycare Cost Worthy? |

Does Daycare Cost Worthy?

does child care cost worthy

does daycare cost worthy

Daycare cost is undeniable fact that commonly affect parents mind when looking for a place to leave their children while working. Working parents do not have any choice since they need to leave their children to a responsible and safety environment while they are working. So does the daycare cost worthy with the service that they provide? Take a look at several factors that make it expensive before making any judgement. The first aspect is the rules of supply and demand. When the demand is high, it makes the cost of daycare become higher. It will happen especially in are where there are only a few day care exist. The next aspects is the type of daycare itself. If we need an infant daycare then we have to prepare for high cost since infant need more intensive supervision. So basically, we can make a choice based on what we exactly need and then matched it with our budget limitation of daycare cost.

Other factor that may causing daycare cost become higher is their need to fulfill all their expense. These expense itself consist to many things like staff salary, insurance, supplies providing, nutritional intake and many else. Beside those basic operational budget, the child care provider also need to pay something else like the place rent price, maintenance of all their daycare facilities and transportation that commonly used in daily basis operation. All of these aspects need to be covered up with their daycare cost. The provider need to think about all of their expense calculation before setting a price. Moreover, if the daycare is offering educational program like the preschool then there will be such vary of additional expense. The educational learning tools also need to be provided. Not only that, if the provider want to provide the best then they will need to prepare for some expense in staff training to improve their skills. We have to figure out about this before questioning about the daycare cost.

Most of us as parents always assume that the high cost will be great profit for the daycare provider. That is not completely true to compare the daycare cost with such point of view. Before we put this mindset, we should open our mind to some fact as follow:

  1. Daycare center have to provide the proper nutritional intake based on child needs.

It will be consist of breakfast, lunch and snack for each children 5 times a week. If their operating hour takes longer then the daycare should also provide dinner. This nutritional intake already cost at least more than $30. This is a factor that have to be covered from day care cost.

  1.  Provider also need to take care of their staff.

Large daycare center usually need help of some staff. They have to provide the staff in the amount that require by the regulation of daycare establishment. There an exact requirement of this so that the amount of staff will be effectively responsible with the children. This is the second thing that have to be cover up by daycare cost.

  1. Daycare provider have to provide the supplies that proper for the children under their supervision.

High daycare cost will be spend also for the children supplies including nap supplies which is essential for their developmental and health need. Even when the children fall asleep then the daycare staff and owner stay focuses to assist them. During this busy time, they need to shop for the next needed supplies. Not only that, they have to make sure to make the daycare are stay clean. They also need to set the plan of activities.  So the parenting job will be completely replaced when the parents busy in work. All of this exhausted preparation must be covered with daycare cost.

Daycare cost is not that expensive when we are realize how much valuable things that children may get during their time in the daycare. Children can have time to learn about socializing skill, learning and other basic skill that they will need in their future. If we only put our consideration only for the cost than we may get a less expensive one but can we guarantee they they provide great service for us? It does not mean that expensive must be great but at least they will provide or offer better condition and responsibility. If we have limited budget, we can try to find the average one. The tip is, it will be ok as long as we can find the one that provide protection, stimulation, nursing, education, feeding and other responsibility if parent should be. Be sure that quality is on our main concern instead of just the daycare cost. Take a look in some survey so that we can find the great daycare and comparison of daycare cost.

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