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DIY Daycare Musical Instrument

DIY Daycare Musical Instrument

Daycare  needs a lot of budget preparation to set since there will be a lot of tool and equipment needed. One of most important one is educational instrument. In fact, this type of instrument is not only limited into a physical educational one such as many books and stationery. This type of instrument will only develop the left brain while the right brain also needs to be supported.

An easy way to boost right brain development is by teaching daycare children about art and music. However, musical instrument is not cheap if you choose only to buy everything. The best way to have especially when you have tight budget is by making it by your own. You are even possible to involve children to make it since it is simple enough to do. Need some idea on how to make it? Get the detailed information below:

DIY Daycare Musical Instrument

Creating magic flute from drinking straw

What you have to prepare are only some straws and clear tape. This time I use 9 straw. Usually drinking straw will be thrown away into waste basket as soon as being used. Actually it can create wonderful musical instrument called flute. Before starting, be sure that you already have scissor and ruler in your hand. Here we go, put 2 straw aside since it will no need to be cut. Lined up the second straw against the ruler and cut off the bottom for about 2 centimeters.

Laid it next to uncut one. Next, have the other straw to be cut on 2 and 4 centimeter. Keep doing it until you have 8 straws that had been cut. Take the clear tape and put it on the table with the sticky side in up position. Arrange the straw from the shortest to the longest. Be sure that the tops part is even for each straw. Continue to wrap the tape around the straw. The flute is ready. The shortest straw create highest note while longest one made low note.

Coffee can drum

Drum is categorized as an expensive musical instrument but it does not mean that tight budget cannot have it. You are still possible to create it for your beloved daycare children. The process is simple enough so that the kids is also being able to make it on their own. Of course, you still need to supervise them to make sure that everything is properly done. The needed material are old coffee cans, scissors, packing tape and balloon.

Take the balloon and cut the nozzle part. Stretch the cut balloon around the old coffee can. You can put double balloon layer to get more durable instrument. Want to make it more fun? You may also cut the top layer. Voila, the drum set is ready to play. It is absolutely fun for children since they can make it by their own any time and decorate it as they wish. Believe me, it will be more precious for them than any available to buy drums around the world.

DIY Daycare Musical InstrumentPlastic easter egg maraccas

You can make your own creation from any disposable material. This time I will make maraccas from plastic easter eggs. Another material that you will need are plastics spoon, popcorn, markers and white tape. If you are difficult to find popcorn then you may change it with rice or beans to maintain the shaking sound.

First of all, take the popcorn or other subtitutional material and fill it inside the plastic easter egg. Get 2 plastic spoons and tape it on each side of the spoon. Tape it strictly to make sure that it will not easily breaking. Cover up the whole plastic egg with white plastic tape. Do not forget to also tape the end of plastic spoon together to make you easier when using the maraccas.The last step is decorating the covered plastic egg with marker as you like and you will get musical instrument for daycare.