Daycare Toddler Boost Skill Activity |

Daycare Toddler Boost Skill Activity

Daycare Toddler Boost Skill Activity

Daycare Toddler Boost Skill Activity

Daycare Toddler Boost Skill Activity

Daycare toddler needs to learn some skill before entering the preschool or elementary school. That is why you need to provide a proper activity to boost their skill. At least, as a provider, you have to make them understand that they should learn how to take care of themselves and handle an everyday task. Basically, there are 3 types of self-care skill that children better to achieve. Those are getting dresses, feeding, and hygiene.  By doing this independently, daycare children will have much more self-confidence which is fundamental for their future.

Daycare Toddler Dressing Activity

Even though sound simple but this kind of activity may become time-consuming when children do not get to used it in daily basis. As a basic self-care skill, dressing can be a great starting point to teach children about independent life. First of all, prepare multiple pieces of clothing that equipped with large material such as button, snaps, zipper and etc. large material needed since they are still learn to do it and small material will only makes them hesitate. When it is ready, let them train to zipped and unzipped.

Daycare Toddler Boost Skill ActivityYou may also try to create a dressing arrangement game. Prepare jacket, mitten, hat or shoes and sock. When it is well prepared then children can start to dressing. Let them learn on choosing which one should be putting first. This kind of simple activity can help daycare toddler to boost their motor and cognitive skill. When the lesson ended, hopefully children is able to put on and wear their own dress in proper arrangement.

Daycare Toddler Practicing Hygiene

Before attending a school, toddler need to learn about hygiene. For example, doing the toilet training. Be sure that you set up an activity to teach daycare toddler about toilet habit, the importance of tooth brushing and bathing. You can simply prepared a doll so that toddler can play and also learn at the same time about hygiene. Hand washing technique is also another basic skill that needs to be mastery. Simply make some visual instruction near the sink to teach them about hygiene habit.
Daycare Toddler Self Feeding Activity

Toddler cannot be depend on their parent or caregiver all the time. Their dependency need to be minimized when they are entering school phase. Based on this fact, you need to teach him about self-feeding. It is even better if you can teach toddler to open their meal boxes, open up the container and feed themselves. Get it as a habit in your daycare and toddler will be familiar to feel independently. Another fine motor activity that also may help is open up zipper of plastic bag and put the straw in a juice box.

Be creative and you will well prepared all the needed basic skill for your daycare toddler.

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