Daycare Supplies Needed Form List |

Daycare Supplies Needed Form List

Daycare Supplies Needed Form List

Before opening daycare service, at least you will need to have proper knowledge on various daycare supplies needed form. It is important since you will really need to prepare some forms to maintain your records. Not only that, some form that contains agreement between parent and provider is also needed to be used as additional background of legal or medical matter. Based on that, you are needed to properly set correct documents to maintain your daycare success.

Daycare Supplies Needed Form List

Without preparing your daycare supplies needed form, you will be hardly achieving well running daycare services. Need more guidance about the needed form to prepare? Check it out in here:

Contract or agreement form

The first needed form to prepare when running daycare service

is the contract or agreement. In fact, it is the most important paper form that needed by the daycare provider. What you need to put on the contract? At least, you will need to put basic information such as daycare name, complete address, contact, operation hours and rates. It is even better if you can make a detail contract that also contain your daycare policy such as holiday, vacation and scheduled closing day agreement. Besides that, you may also add the payment policy, late pick up regulation, sick policy, emergency back up, tax form and other important detail.

You may also possible to put your curriculum or daily activities. Put the detail of activity for each children age such as the nap time, play time and outdoor play schedule. Be sure that parent already understands each part of the contract very well and put their signature on it to avoid any miscommunication or misunderstanding in the future. After the signing process, both of daycare provider and parent should get one copy of the contract. The contract itself will be needed to be updated and signed again every year.

Consent form

What it means by consent form is the permission slip. Usually, this type of form will be including the transportation consent that makes the children allowed to ride the vehicle with the daycare provider. Besides that, there is also consent form to administer medication that is needed before the provider giving any type of medication. Non parent pick up is also need the consent form. Accident consent is another type of consent form to provide to figure out who will responsible when any medical cost to treat daycare children accident.

Daycare Supplies Needed Form List

Financial form

Financial form here means form that includes the parent and provider log. For parent, it will include the year end tax statement that will outline the total amount paid for childcare in a year. Late payment and other payment concern will be also written on it. As provider, you will also need to keep the copy all financial form that given to the parent along with annual payment log and tax form. The tax sheet itself will be needed to get mailed out by January 31 of the following tax year. The tax form should contain tax year, provider or daycare name, daycare address, phone number, employment identification number, parent name, child name, client address and list of each payment and collective number of payments.

Daily forms

Daily forms is containing the list of the whole activities that need children participation such as nap times, meal times, food list, snack time, drinking list, bathroom schedule and even any accident that may happen. This daily form should be given to the parent in daily basis. Any incident that may happen is also needed to be put on this form such as conflict, issue and accident. Do not forget to put detail information of the event and have the parent sign the incident form before picking up their child. Besides that, make a copy for the parent to take home.