Daycare Supplies, Must Have List for Your Daycare |

Daycare Supplies, Must Have List for Your Daycare

Daycare supplies are essential for those who want to have such successful daycare. Of course, there will be many things you need to provide. Believe it or not, most of us have misconception of thinking about toys, art or craft supplies at first. The point is pay attention more on everyday household needs rather than fulfilling the toy racks. You do not need to worry much about the budget since there are a lot of tricks to save the money. Simply buy a secondhand is just one of the ways.

Daycare supplies essential list

For nap needs

  • Small cots or nap mats

The type will be depends on your needs or storage. However, the most common used are folding nap mats or stackable rest cots. When you are decide to use stackable rest cost then simple fitted crib sheet will be enough. But if you want folding nap mats then at least you will need to choose the one that have 1-2″ of thickness. Do not forget to acknowledge the states requirement of how far children need to be off the floor.

  • A pack ‘n play crib

This kind of nap supplies is essential if you have infant or young toddlers. If you have young infant then choose the one that has infant bassinet insert to saves your back and more convenience feeling.

  • CD player and soft music

During naptime, daycare provider often has hard time since they need to handle different age groups. Some children may simply obey to sleep on mats while the others sleep close. Another case is some children stay up while the others sleeping. That is the reason why you need to provide CD Players or iPod Dock to play soft classical music as lullaby.

  • Quilts and blankets

Do not need to worry much about the price since you still can find the one with good quality in secondhand store. It can be used during naptime or playtime for young infant.

For daily needs

  • Shelves and storage

Shelves is importantly needed to store clothes, diapers and any other personal items each child bring. Next thing to provide is toy storage. If your space is limited then you can choose hanging closet shelves to use as cubbies or even diaper storage. Needs an affordable one? You may choose IKEA shelving units or Closetmaid Cubicals to be your organizational tools and toy storage shelves. Anchor the shelves to the walls just to prevent any unwanted accident when children try to climb on it.

  • Kids tableware

Table with kid size is another essential supplies to provide. IKEA can offer you an affordable one with withstood constant use for years. For the plates, Re-Play plate is suitable for children meal needs

  • Child sized furniture

Choose an affordable kid sized tables and chairs. Plastic picnic style table sets is enough to save your budget. If you have more budgets then you can choose durable table and chair sets.

  • Carpet cleaner and vacuum

You will use both of these supplies often especially if you have more children under your supervision. Choose the vacuum that can handle heavy use will be more helpful to you.

  • Stool

Stool is the next a must thing to buy for children washing hand need and using the bathroom. Regular step stool will be perfect for the toilet usage while dual height stool is suitable for reaching the sink.

  • High chairs

Affordable high chairs can be found in IKEA for only $ 20 or in Target and Walmart only have small space in your daycare for these kinds of supplies? Try to choose a booster seat with tray.

Daycare supplies and the best places to but

Most of you may think about how many time and money spend to visit a lot of company and store to get the essential daycare supplies. In fact, there are faster and cheaper way to do through online deals. Try to check out on:

  • Craiglist
  • Facebool sale list
  • IKEA
  • Amazon
  • Discount School Supply
  • Walmart / Target

If these are not enough then you can try to check on some free stuff for child care providers. Check out the following website to get some free stuff:!

One thing to remember is always save you receipts to use in your daycare taxes later. By doing this kind of method, you can save some money on purchasing daycare supplies.