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Daycare Playground Improvement Grant

Daycare Playground Improvement Grant

Daycare Playground Improvement Grant

Providing the best equipment is every daycare dream. Unluckily not all daycare can afford to do this. As the time goes by, equipment like the playground will need some improvement. Unluckily, not all of us can afford to do this. To overcome the limitation budget, we can apply to get improvement grant. Usually, the grant is offered by a federal agency, government agency and nonprofit organizations. The best part of the grant is that the recipient of the grant does not need to pay back the money. Of course, it does not all daycare can get the grant. The daycare that acts as a recipient must fulfill the requirement that set by the funder of the grant program. If you still feel confused where to find the grant then you can check out the following detail to find out the funder of the daycare as follow:

Facility Grant Program of California

The first grant is given by the Facility Grant Program that placed in Alameda County, California. In here, the daycare that already fulfilled the requirement can get some funding for their playground improvement. The grant itself can be given up to $ 50.000. This fund can be used for various purposes like start a new daycare or expand the existing one. The grant is cover up many type of expense such as renovation, up grading the equipment and also the construction. This type of grant is aimed to help nonprofit organization which is settled to provide help for low income people or children with special need.

Child care and development block grant

This type of grant is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The one who can apply for this grant must be tribal government, U.S territories and state agencies. This grant itself is aimed to help parent who have low income to fulfill their child care needs. Daycare provider also can use this grant to make such a small renovation of their facility services to meet the local state standard and regulation.

Child care grant in North Dakota

If we have daycare in North Dakota, we can try to apply for child care grant. It can be used to make a renovation for daycare facilities. This type of grant can be applied by both nonprofit and profit child care as long as they can meet the federal standard guidelines. We can get maximum $ 15.000 form this grant type. Unluckily the grant is on one time reimbursement payment. It is also will not paid for ingoing cost. Based on this, we have to make sure that we already collect all the expense to reimburse completely because any ongoing expense will not be considered.

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