Daycare Infant Craft Activity Ideas |

Daycare Infant Craft Activity Ideas

Daycare Infant Craft Activity Ideas

Daycare Infant Craft Activity Ideas

Daycare infant will also need proper craft activity to boost their development. However, they will need to give different craft ideas than toddler. In fact, young babies can do craft with our help. They will not only enjoy the activity but also develop their creativity. Still cannot figure out perfect craft for that? Try the following ideas:

Finger painting

Believe me, daycare infant will love to squish paint between their fingers. Just give finger paint paper on the table and provide non toxic finger paint in the middle part of the paper. Give freedom to them to create or do anything that they want. Messy is a part of their learning. You may also provide some covering paint clothes to protect daycare infant clothes.

Hand and foot print

You can make interesting daycare infant activity by making hand or foot print with non toxic paint. Make a print on cloth or print. This craft idea is also great ideas f memorable item for parent.

Hand and foot mold

What you need to do to create this daycare infant craft ideas if making hand and foot mold. Try to mix and pour plaster of Paris into the mold before put and pressing baby foot or hand on it. To get best result, you can use lightweight craft clay that easily to dry and hold the shape perfectly. You can add the perfection by paint this daycare infant craft.

Leaf collage

Daycare infant will also need some tome to get free air. You can simply take them to the nearest park and then make some leaf collage. Do not forget to help infant to place the leaves on the sticky side of the paper. When you finish putting the leaf, you can cover up the collage with another sheet of paper to protect this daycare infant craft.

Cookie cutter paint stamping

Another type of daycare infant craft is using cookie cutter paint stamping. Assist babies to dip the cookie cutter into non toxic paint and make stamps on a sheet of paper.

Daycare infant will love all of those craft ideas to have fun and learning with you.

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