Daycare for Special Needs Child with Social and Emotional Problem |

Daycare for Special Needs Child with Social and Emotional Problem

Daycare for Special Needs Child with Social and Emotional Problem

Daycare for Special Needs Child with Social and Emotional Problem

Daycare for Special Needs Child with Social and Emotional Problem

Daycare for special needs child need such an understanding and patient daycare provider. In fact, there are three types of social and emotional disabilities. Those are withdrawal, aggressive and high activity level. You need to understand each types of those disabilities to make sure that this children can successfully participate in daycare activity daily activity. What they need most is a consistent daily schedule and interaction with others. It is simply because some of them will face a challenge when they face an activity changing.

Any changing that may seems common to other child ay challenging for them. The changes can be an upsetting thing and make them require some time and warning before the changes. Not only challenging to adapt the routine changes but also difficulties in feeling and relation management. This is the most reason why they are angry or frustate. That is why you need to provide sufficient support to make them handle it easier.

Daycare for special needs child, provider support action

The main point of providing support for social and emotional disabilities children is providing guidance and support since they are difficult to start interaction with others.  Start by setting up a regular schedule will be helpfull. If possible, add a picture schedule by posting a photos of each activity so that they can be easier to recognize what kind of activity that they should do next. If there is some withdrawal, do not ever push them to participate but encourage them to stay observe.

When they are already comfortable enough, ask them to play with you. Write down the time that they often become aggressive. Recognize the sign of aggression and make sure that you are stand by nearby. Teach them problem solving method, organizing an activity by preparing the needed material and providing quiet space anytime they feel that they need a break will be a great act.

Daycare for special needs child, adaptation of activity

Do not set an activity that only have one way. The best option is choosing activity that have various ways to play with. Find out their subject interest. If they are highly interest and have wide knowledge on something then you better let them explain it to the other. Choose activity that makes them actively play it in indoor and outdoor environment. If you want to acknowledge new activity then you better find the time when they are seem more calm.

Daycare for Special Needs Child with Social and Emotional ProblemMake a short time of each activity so that you can make them stay focused. If possible, located their seat near to you or near the toy shelf to make them comfortable. They need a variety of toys and activity material but it does not seem that you have to provide too many things. Too many option will also confuse them. Get and overwhelm choice may also make them feel frustate as well.

Daycare for special needs child, transitional guidance

Transition is the crucial time when they need a guidance most. Be sure yo make an announcement ahead before the time of activity transition to provide them some time on preparation. Do not let any empty waiting time. It is simply because it will provide too much difficulties for children with social and emotional disabilities. Before the transition is happen, be sure that you are already prepare the next activity to do. Fill up the waiting time by some games, song or even finger play. It will keep the focus of daycare for special needs child.