Daycare for Special Needs Child of Learning Disabilities Children

Daycare for Special Needs Child of Learning Disabilities Children

Daycare for Special Needs Child of Learning Disabilities ChildrenDaycare for special needs will need a different type of method and learning strategy. You need to recognize each children need to be a successful provider. Actually, learning disabilities children will have the same developmental stages as the other child. The only different is that the learning disabilities will have a slower phase. As a daycare provider, you need to find a proper method to ensure that they are also having the chances to learn as the same as the other.

Daycare for Special Needs Learning Steps

First of all, you have to be close to them to recognize each child typical and the proper method. If possible, make a note to find out their ability and the possible next subject to learn. Not only their abilities, you need to note how they act when desperate and enjoy so that you can handle them in a right way in daily basis. Based on that, you can find out what type of perfect curriculum for them.

Daycare for Special Needs, Adaptation Example

Make everything stay simple

Create daily activity that children with various ability level can do it in a different level. For example, setting some area for small and large puzzle with different amount of puzzle pieces. Set a boundaries for a small amount puzzle and a complex design. Other choice is block and play dough. Make every activity in a short time to keep children attention. It will be better if you break the activity stage into small steps or divide it into some series of instruction than a long one.

Daycare for Special Needs Child of Learning Disabilities ChildrenShowing them how to do things

Children with learning disabilities will needed your help more before doing something. You better tell them properly of doing something. Added some hand and body language as instruction is also great. Let them playing the activity along with other children that doing similar activity. By doing this, you can provide them an idea how to explore the material.

Make some adaptation on your daycare learning activities

Differentiate the size and color of the object you are commonly using in your daily activity. It can help learning disabilities children from spending too much of their time confusing about the size, shape and color. Limiting the material is needed since abundant material will make them confuse of  too many choices. When the activity will change or end, make announcement and simple instruction to provide proper time to make transition that needed by daycare for special needs.